View Full Version : Protecting the carpet?

11-05-10, 08:38 pm
My pigs are often just put on the carpet and are pretty good about going into the one hidey I leave for them with a pad under for potty. But there are accidents and even with me cleaning the spots they do go at, eventually it would be horrid I'm sure. Not to mention I don't really like the idea of them running around through their urine, and then me grabbing them :yuck: (happened the other day with cinnamon, it became bath day haha)
So what could I use for the floor so the pee and poos don't get on the carpet? I currently use fleece mainly for poos but it doesn't absorb well, obviously.

My only thought is maybe a twin size mattress pad, uncut, with some fleece over top it for floor and exercise time? I'm sure it would work for an hour a day but other ideas would be great as well. Preferably usable things, not like newspaper and such.

Thanks :)

11-05-10, 08:42 pm
I put down a tarp covered with blankets underneath a futon in my living room. They still have access to carpet, but when underneath the futon they do their bussiness.

11-05-10, 09:59 pm
For our floor time I purchased one of those big plastic picnic tablecloths. I put that down first, then cover that with one layer of towels and then one layer of fleece. I make sure the plastic is completely covered because if any little bit is sticking out, they will find it and tear it up. They still have the entire room to run around but I put the tunnels and hidey houses on the fleece so when they go to do their "business" in private, it is all on the fleece.

When floor time is over I usually wipe down the tablecloth with vinegar water (a few times I have to hose it off really well) and once it's dry I just roll it up and put it away.

It takes a little longer to set up and put away but I haven't had to clean up any accidents since I started setting it up like this!