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11-05-10, 09:21 am
My name is Kirby and my wife and I own 1 guinea pig.

We got Spike on May 3, 2010. We didn't know how much personality these guys have until we got him! He enjoys having playtime on our spare bed with a old blanket with all his toys.

Occasionally we put him in the living room for him to have "free reign" in that area.

He eats all kinds of things from fruits to the usual guinea pig treats. I love him very much but it is very clear that he is a mama's boy and loves my wife a little more.

Recently we have been talking about getting Spike a playmate and decided last night to do it. We plan to get another male at the end of the month and call him Stormy (Hurricanes mascot).

Look forward to using the forum as a means to talk about a potential introduction of Spike and Stormy and how much of a positive effect Spike has on us. We love our piggy very much!

11-05-10, 09:32 am

We have two boys, Barney&Fred, they are very lovely and eats alot hiihihi

U can check the pictures of them...Will you put photos?
Me and my husband are very curious about Stormy and Spike.

All the best

11-05-10, 10:02 am
This is a recent photo of Spike. He really likes cucumbers!

11-05-10, 10:45 am
I love those names!! It sounds like you are developing into a wonderful piggie parent. Keep it going! For Spike's future friend Stormy, please find a homeless piggie to adopt.

There are piggies in public and private animal shelters and rescues and in foster homes. You can find them by searching Petfinder.com which has local listings, and your local Craiglist and other local lists. So many piggies would appreciate a wonderful forever home like you are offering. Save a piggie from neglect and death and adopt! It is such a reward to gradually see a sad piggie become a happy social little popcorn piggie!

11-05-10, 05:01 pm
I have some more photos of Spike that I think are pretty cute. He has grown so much from when he was a baby last year.

11-05-10, 05:31 pm
Welcome! Spike is very cute! I'm sure he would really appreciate a friend. Make sure when you get Stormy that you follow proper quarantine procedures (3 weeks). You may be able to bypass this if you adopt from a reputable shelter. They usually do the quarantine period and know the health of the pigs. Also be sure to read up on how to do proper introductions.

Be sure to read the stickies at the top of each thread. Even tho you have had Spike a year there is a ton of info in there that can really be helpful. The nutrition charts are a wonderful thing to read up on.

11-05-10, 06:12 pm
Spike is so gorgeous! welcome to the forum, as was said before, the stickies are super helpfull so have a read through (:

11-07-10, 08:51 pm
Yeah my wife and I know about the quarantine period which is why we are going to wait until when we come home from Thanksgiving vacation to start looking. the 3rd week of that will end up being right around Christmas when both of us will be home. We are both looking forward to seeing how he interacts (in neutral territory of course).