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06-05-03, 05:49 am
I'm planning on making either a 2x4 or 2x3 depending on what size the grids will be when I find them.

It'll be a single layer for now, and eventually add a loft.

My question is this, currently, we have 4 piggies, we bought one, and without us knowing she was already pregnant. So we have 3 babies until we adopt them out. We are planning on keeping the little female, providing she is a female..lol.

SO... is the 6 inch wall sufficient to keep them in? Or should I add some behind it until they are older?(Curently they are 48 hours).

We had no intention of ever breeding out piggie, we didn't know if it was male or female, this was a total surprise. We are enjoying them,a nd loving them. They are thankfully very active and healthy and momma is fine. But her little cage is just too small, expecially since I want to keep one of the babies.

So what is the best solution here? I want them to stay healthy...

06-06-03, 01:34 am

when I had baby pigs I found they could easily get through the holes in the cubes. Not only could they then get out and get hurt but as they get bigger they could become stuck when they try to go through. I solved the problem by putting some wire mesh around the cage so the holes where smaller. Once they were bigger I just took that away. 6 inches isn't that high and even if the babies can't get over, mum may be able too.
What kind of cage do you have at the moment/ most pet store cages are too small and a cc cage or other homemade cage is your best option. cc cages are cheap and really easy to build in whatever shape and design you like. Great if like me, your not very good at diy :)

06-06-03, 03:48 am
All the grids I've come across are 14" square. For two piggies you would ideally want a 2x4 cage. If your cage won't quite fit the available space you can always overlap a couple of grids on each side and use cable ties (zip ties?) to fasten them.
As 2steps said babies can get through the grids - I'd have thought that a baby would have difficulty climbing a 6" wall - but it's a long time since my boys were babies so I may well be wrong :-). When you separate any boys from their mother / sisters be sure they can't get back to them...

I hope you have fun making the cage:-)

06-06-03, 05:47 am
Currently I only have a pet store cage, I'm keeping it extra clean for them. It's ok for now, as babies are not quite 4 days old. However it'll be short lived. The babies are startign to run..LOL.. and is it ever cute...and pop corning. I put a bell in for them yesterday that terrified them, now one is standing on the toilet paper roll and shaking the life out of it.

I have found the coroplast and still searching for the wire grids. BUT if I were to make a frame from wood, would chicken wire make an small enough hole for them(babies)? I have some here already. It would be easy enough to make.

Also, on the floor of the cage, I want to put a small area of bricks, though her eating area , cause if she gets wood chips on her food she complains right now. and then at the same heigh a slightly raise floor that I would use fleece as the cover and the remaining area, sunken that bit and wood chips and litter box. The fleece area would be her sleeping area, she has a fleece(polar) she likes to crawl into to sleep in, if on the fleece I thought it would stay cleaner.


Cavy Kala
06-19-03, 07:02 pm
How about piggies 3 months of age or so? How big must the cage be for 2 of these little piggies?

06-20-03, 04:58 am
Little piggies only stay little for a little while - you should still build to the reccomendations on www.cavycages.com.

Cavy Kala
06-20-03, 07:10 am
Before finding this site, I got one of those Starter Kit cages for GInea pigs. Are those big enough for two small babies or too small?

Cavy Kala
06-20-03, 07:27 am
Waah! my whole family think Im crazy to build one of those C&C cages, they say that the Ginea Pig Starter Kit Cage is good enough for them.. and I know its NOT! What is good to convince them on building a bigger better cage? And the money costing?

MoMmA CaVy3160
06-20-03, 07:40 am
sounds like you're in a bit of a jam. hmmm, lets see, maybe you can make a chart with the comaprison of the starter cages vs the c&c cages (ex: the cost of materials, size, durability). include some really nice pics of c&c cages made by piggie owners (the themed ones are great) and then show them a pic of a plain starter cage, lol. that should convince them :D . good luck.

06-20-03, 07:45 am
Get them to read the cavy cages site or ask them how they'd like to liv ein a cupboard! The starter cages are small for baby pigs and when they get bigger there will be barely any room for them to move, let alone run and popcorn

Cavy Kala
06-20-03, 02:54 pm
How much would the cost of Cube and Coroplast be compared to the starter kit for $50? (I really want to buy the c&c one)

Cavy Kala
06-20-03, 03:13 pm
Its odd, I cant seem to find a picture of the starter kit on the web, does anyone have one? I can also show you a photo of my poor cavies suffering cage.. when the pics developed.. :P

Cavy Kala
06-20-03, 03:16 pm
Wow! I estimated that the cost is $34 compared to the kit that was $50! Maybe I can find even cheaper ones in my area.

Cavy Kala
06-20-03, 03:24 pm
Would the cage take up too much space? And my silly sister complained about what if the ginea pigs died then what should we do about it? :P Then my uncle the so-called 'expert' was the one who got my parents believing that the starter kit was big enough but that small cavies dont become very big.. just cuz he had to feed and clean the 20 cavies his wife bought.. :P

Cavy Kala
06-20-03, 04:00 pm
Is there a specific name for cubes and Coroplast? Where can you find them in Canada, Vancouver and which are the cheapest?

MoMmA CaVy3160
06-20-03, 05:35 pm
one of the specific names for the cubes you can look for is "Neat Idea Cubes" you can also look online for sites that sells furniture and racks for stores, they usually have them, like this one, www.allendesigners.com/default.asp. (http://www.allendesigners.com/default.asp.) they have individual grids for sale, just incase you only need a certain amount and they also have the connectors for sale separately, but if you want to look for it in a certain store, office max might be a good place, target has them on sale for $19.99 i think, home improvement stores might have them too. as far as the coroplast, might wanna try sign shops or large arts and crafts shops, i was lucky to get mines from a real estate agency that was throwing them out because of a misprint and the factory wouldn't take them back, so they gave it to me for free :D .

Cavy Kala
06-21-03, 05:50 pm
Thanks, because when I went to a Home Depot, they didnt know what Coroplast was.. I should have show them photos :P

Cavy Kala
06-23-03, 07:16 am
Thanks a bunch! Umm.. but your link doesn't seem to be working.. I may also try the canadian Superstore :)

MoMmA CaVy3160
06-23-03, 08:14 am
hmm, i tried it too an it didn't go directly here either. the web addy if your still intersted is " allendesigners.com ", i had sent them an email if they accept other types of payments besides credit cards. the super store sounds lke a good place to check out, especially warehouse type stores like costco and BJ's Whole Sale.