View Full Version : Conditions Obese or possible medical problem?

11-03-10, 02:52 pm
Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for a while. I moved in with my gf who has gp's, so I did some research, found this page, built them a big c&c cage, etc. They seem to love it and are much happier!

To give you a short background story, we had 2 guinea pigs (omfg and Lolz, 4 years old), and lolz died of cancer a few months ago. :( Omfg seemed lethargic and depressed, so we decided to get him a new friend. Our 'friend' wanted to get rid of her 2 guinea pigs (Ollie, 6yrs and Nova, 4yrs), so we decided to rescue them. Now, she neglected them, fed and watered them only every other day to "keep their natural hunting instinct intact". Needless to say, they were incredibly underfed, Nova had bald spots, and they were only half the size of omfg.

They adjusted quite well, and Nova popcorns a lot. :) However, Ollie has gotten huge in size! We feed them twice a day (morning and evening) with organic gp food (which they love, and refuse to eat anything else), make sure they have fresh water at all times, and daily hay feedings. Every few days they'll get some veggies and/or fruits, but in a moderate dose.

We kept checking whether Ollie steals the other gp's food, but he doesn't. He eats the same amount. I'm about to go to the vet with him, because he has gotten so large and heavy. He is twice the size of omfg now, quite a difference from when he first came to us 3 months ago. I don't think we are over-feeding him, and he only gets a little treat that is sugarless once a day.

I'm a little worried about him, and tried to weigh him but my scale won't pick his weight up. He's obviously heavier than the other gp's, though. Otherwise he seems healthy, comes up to us whenever he sees or hears us, bites the cage to get attention and loves to be petted. Any advice?