View Full Version : Would it work for Rabbits?

Scooby Doo
10-06-02, 03:14 pm
Would Cubes & Coroplast cages work with rabbits? If it does I would like to build my rabbit a new home. Please post an answer or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks

10-07-02, 09:33 am
I think it would be fine and any animal loves having extra space! I'd say there was probably a slightly higher chance of buns trying to chew the edges of the coroplast but putting report binders around the edges would help with that. Also, depending on how big the rabbit is, you might want to make the edges a bit higher, or make a lid to stop him jumping out.

Good luck with it!

www.treenspigs.com/index.html (http://www.treenspigs.com/index.html)

Scooby Doo
10-30-02, 04:54 pm
Thank You very much!

10-30-02, 05:35 pm
It Is GREAT! I just got a new bunny and he loves his cage1 It`s very roomy and he fits wel.

11-19-02, 11:32 am
I read on CG that coroplast should never be used for rabbit cages, due to the danger of them chewing on the coroplast and ingesting it, which can be fatal. www.caviesgalore.com/foru...genumber=2 (http://www.caviesgalore.com/forums/showthread.php?s=5eec202a000484494241fd7de8e80062&threadid=19356&pagenumber=2) (scroll down)

I have seen lots of great pics of cube rabbit cages though. Most of the ones I've seen seem to have wood floors covered with towels or carpet, and are several cubes high with shelves that the rabbits can jump on on.

06-20-03, 11:44 pm
What about if the chloroplast sides were on the outside of the cubes? I know this wouldn't be very attractive, but is it safe enough?

MoMmA CaVy3160
06-23-03, 07:40 pm
they would prolly reach the edge of the coroplast through the squares. you might wanna try to build a short wooden frame (just to keep the grids from moving) and have the bottom lined with towels or any type of soft material. theres a picture of a rabbit cage made with the grids on ebay, the persons selling instructions on how to build it, but u can tell already how its built from the picture :p . hope this helps :D .

Briana D
06-24-03, 07:36 am
I wouldn't recommend using wood. Once urine soaks into the wood you'll have to replace it. You may want to look into metal urine guards.

06-25-03, 10:38 am
My Dad used to make us wooden rabbit hutches when we were kids and there was never any problem. You need to coat the wood in a few coats of a waterproof varnish.Be sure it's
an animal safe one incase of chewing.

I don't think cloroplast (or any plastic) would be good for any animal if ingested. Could also be a choking hazard.

I didn't use cloroplast in my pigs cage, I got a sheet of hardboard and covered it with a waterproof tarpaulin. Then I stuck stick back floor tiles to that. It has worked really well and only cost about £25 even though my cage is huge (Pic <a href="http://www.angelfire.com/droid/capecave/piggies.html" target="top">here</a>)