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10-20-10, 11:10 pm
So, I figured it was time for me to post a real intro since I've been here a year lol My name is Heather, I am 21, and a full time college student. I am studying early childhood education, and am a jr. I already have two associate degrees, and cannot wait until I can become a teacher. Although, I am more nervous than anything!

I have had a lot of animals growing up, and currently have one dog and one guinea pig living with me. I am looking for another guinea pig or two. It all depends on what I find (: I have a 6mo old pitbull puppy who is just the biggest baby and love bug.. I also have Mocha, and have had her now for around 3 months. I did originally think she was pregant (hence why I didn't adopt another,) but it is only a few days away from being 73 days. I took her to the vet who said she *might* be pregnant, waste of money... So, I decided to just wait it out. I don't really think that she is pregnant anymore, so that's why I can finally start looking for a friend for her.

:love:Here's a short video I took of my Mocha tonight.
YouTube - Guinea Pig (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJPGRKv9I98)

10-21-10, 07:36 am
Very sweet little piggy! Love how your puppy reacts with her. My family is adopting our first piggy on Tuesday and we are super excited! Planning an additional piggy adoption as well!

Good luck in your search for a new friend! Just as an FYI, I have seen many rescues on petfinder.com .

10-21-10, 06:24 pm
Awww....she's so sweet! Love your cage too. :) Good luck finding a friend for her.

10-22-10, 07:33 am
kwonga - i'm surprised how well my puppy does with her, all he wants to do is cuddle and lick her. especially since he's in the terrier breed being a pitbull, they have high prey drives. of course i always supervise them, but i know he wouldn't hurt her, he always licks her through her cage and then she'll popcorn. it's very cute. i have been checking petfinder, our local humane society, and craigslist. i've been keeping a closer eye on my humane society because they often have guinea pigs, good luck with your search also!

cam - thanks! she loves her cage too, i just can't wait till she has a friend or two to run around in there with. even though there will be more poop for me to clean lol

10-22-10, 10:10 am

Very cute your video, do you want to buy a male or female?...I have two males, I decided to have two boys because i dint want to create puppys..and most of the time they are more happy with other one of the same sex.

Good Luck! ;)

10-22-10, 11:48 am
Oooh how cute she is! She made my baby wheek XD I like how your dog doesnt go crazy. Just be careful. But you know that already. Hope you will find her a friend soon!
And welcome.. ;)

10-22-10, 03:22 pm
I also love your cage! I am in the process of building my 1st C&C cage. I love how you used the thin brick at the opening of the kitchen to prevent the pellets from getting out. I am totally going to have to use that idea for mine! Mocha is super cute! Congrats on your hunt. My local SPCA rarely gets guinea pigs. They had 4 (2 pairs) a couple weeks ago. They went up for adoption on THursday & they were all 4 adopted by Thursday afternoon! I found all of mine on craigslist. It makes me feel so good knowing these piggies are going to have such a better life now :)

10-22-10, 03:48 pm
Hello! I adored your video, your piggie is such a cutie! I hope you find a nice friend for her, that cage is lovely too - I'm sure she won't mind sharing!

10-24-10, 02:30 pm
So Cute, I loved your cage & your dog is just precious with her <3

11-03-10, 11:09 pm
Thanks for all the kind comments! My puppy really is great with her, but as Shirrum said, I still supervise 100% of the time.

Shirrum - that's so funny she made your baby wheek! I was watching a GP video on youtube randomly, and my GP started wheeking to her. It was so cute, and made me a little sad because I wish she had a friend to talk to.

Lauren - I love that brick being there! I originally had bought 3 bricks for my last cage setup since I had a upper level with a ramp. It was kind of the stepping stones to the ramp, but I love things this way so much more. I have one under her water, one in a corner, and one there to hold in the bedding. It works out really nice that way. It also helps keep her nails filed down, I don't have to cut them as often. Our local humane society does not have them often either, so I know exactly what you're talking about!

Hey Maddy, I saw that you subscribed! I was looking at all your cute GP videos too. Can't wait to see more of them :)

I also wanted to let everyone know that my search for a friend for her is over! I finally found her a GP friend off craigslist. There are two looking for a home, and I was just lucky enough to snatch them up before anyone else! I'm going to go get them tomorrow, and am SO excited. I can't wait!