View Full Version : Introducing my new baby

10-03-10, 11:17 pm
I adopted a baby today. My kids named him Puff Ball. I call him Puffy. He was dumped at the shelter along with 14 other pigs. Here's his petfinder profile (http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17524100).

He's in quarantine right now and will be introduced to Cookie after the quarantine is over. I'm also building a new cage for them.

Here are some pictures taken on the way home. I was holding him in my lap.

10-03-10, 11:33 pm
What a little cutie pie. He is so cute in the pics from his profile with him on the sofa. Congratulations and I wish you a happy and healthy quarantine.

10-03-10, 11:40 pm
Isn't that a cute sofa? I asked the rescue if the sofa is up for adoption too and they said no. lol

10-04-10, 12:42 am
He's beautiful! Well done for rescuing him and good luck with the introductions. Please let us know how things go :)

10-04-10, 10:54 am
Congrats! He's gorgeous :)

10-04-10, 11:25 am
Oh, he is the cutest! Congrats on your newly adopted baby!

Cavy Castle
10-04-10, 11:32 am
Awww! He is just precious! He looks irresistible.

10-04-10, 12:25 pm
Congrats! How good looking he is! Happy he found a good home :)