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09-29-10, 07:40 pm
is grass good for them to eat:?:

09-29-10, 11:19 pm
Hay is dried grass, and is the main part of their diet. Fresh grass is even better for them though.

09-30-10, 05:07 pm
Here's a good sticky to read. Very helpful on the yes and no's.


09-30-10, 05:10 pm
Of course! Just make sure that the grass they are eating is note treated with any fertilizers or pesticides. Also, be sure it is not contaminated with any pet urine or feces. Grass is only fresh for a little bit, so if you cut it and put it in the cage, make suree you take out any uneaten grass, because it will spoil faster than you think.

10-20-10, 03:32 am
My two are outside on the lawn for a few hours on nice days and I cut a couple of bowls worth (salad serving bowl size, so lots!) a day. They definitely prefer it to the hay for eating and will demolish a pile in 1/2 an hour, even after being outside grazing. I leave the edges of the lawn long when I mow and trim that to feed them, although now it's warmer the grass grows so fast it can come from anywhere.

A big pile of hay on the other hand is their absolute favourite for sitting in/under.

Domino & Bedhead
10-20-10, 07:10 am
Certainly doesn't hurt them but start with a little at a time so it doesn't upset their digestive tracts. Just make sure they still get unlimited amounts of timothy hay, grass is not a substitute and does not help to wear down their teeth that constantly grow. :-)

10-20-10, 07:29 am

Dried grass is very important for their teeth!!