View Full Version : Mites few Quoestions about my 2 piggies and mites(please HELP!)

09-29-10, 02:15 pm
ok i bought my piggie the medicine i needed to get rid of her mites i am also treating my other piggie to be safe.. but my questions are:

1- since i am treating both of them can i keep them in the same cage together or should i keep them separate?
2-also after i gave my piggie the medication she is still itching is this normal or is this medication not working on her? she seems to be itching more now than before as well. I want to give her a bath but not sure if i should fearing it will wash of the medication...

She isn't scabbed up yet but her itching has gotten worse and i feel bad for her and don't want her to start getting scabs.

09-29-10, 04:03 pm
Hello! Just wanted to say PLEASE don't bath her, it will irritate the mites and make them bite her harder.

I think it's fine to keep the two of them together during treatment, but perhaps someone else can confirm this for us?

09-30-10, 07:47 pm
Yes, leave them together. Don't bathe. What is the medication you are treating with? If it's ivermectin, you'll need another dose in a week, and maybe another after that. It does take a while for the scratching to stop.

10-02-10, 11:39 am
oh ok thank you so much.....i am useing invermacine.....i do no about the 3 week dose....i was just worried because i dont want my little one getting them and i cant tell if it was helping hemi(my piggie with mites) at all... :(
so i am going to keep treating them both....

10-02-10, 11:40 am
So after 3 weeks is it ok to give her a bath? I dont want to do it too soon ...

10-02-10, 08:22 pm
I wouldn't give her a bath at all - not if you suspect mites or are treating her for it. If you must bathe her, I would wait a few weeks after the last dose just to make sure her skin irritation is completely gone.

That being said, I did just give all three of my pigs a bath for the 2nd time ever (we've had them for 2 years). One of mine had mites awhile ago and his back has been 100% better for a few weeks now. Well, we're not completely sure he had mites, but he had a lot of open sores on his back and we treated him with Ivermectin and Advantage (whichever one is safe for pigs). It actually wasn't until after I separated the cage that he improved.

Anyway - I would wait awhile before bathing.

10-13-10, 01:34 pm
i think my piggie has mites and i would really like to know where you guys got your medicines from it would really help and my little annabelle would really appreciate it!!!

10-13-10, 01:42 pm
It may take a few weeks, my piggy had his first dose last week, he is itching less, but still itching. When my other pig had mites he cleared up beautifully in 3 weeks and by 4 weeks he was shiny again and looking lovely. No baths! And I don't hold my piggies much when they have mites, I don't want to add to their pain.