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09-28-10, 10:26 pm
Came across this site and decided I'd introduce myself real quick. My name is Michael and I live in New York City. I got my two guinea pigs (Nibbles and Oreo) last week from Petland and Petco respectively. It was a semi-impulsive decision as I was thinking about getting a pet for a while and I remember having a guinea pig when I was a child. After reading the stuff on this site and looking back, he must have been the unhappiest guinea pig in the world because he lived in a RubberMaid bin and my mom bathed him literally every single day because she couldn't stand the smell... >.<

At any rate I had since made it a routine to stop by pet stores and look at the animals once in a while. While browsing at Petland one day, I decided to pick up Nibbles as I thought he was uber cute and I figured I'd go with a guinea pig for a pet (fish and hamsters seemed more like decoration than actual pets and I'm just not a cat or dog person...). The next day while browsing at Petco for a pigloo, I saw Oreo and decided to pick him up too so that Nibbles wouldn't be too lonely. I figured they'd get along and be friends.

Not a whole lot of thought put into it, I know. Luckily they do get along just fine, although they're still incredibly scared of me, it seems. I remembered seeing something about building a custom cage to save some money so I did a quick search on the internet and built a 2x3 C&C for them since my room is pretty small. After watching them in it for a bit, I quickly decided to give them a little more space and expanded it to a 2x7 which is where it's at right now.

I've since found this site, which has helped me learn a few things to adjust some of the aspects of Nibbles and Oreo's home as well as their care and nutrition. I'm currently working on "guinea pig-proofing) my room so that I can give them some time to run about and have some more fun. It's going to be a little tough with all of the wires, but I'm sure I'll figure out a good way to do it. Funny thing, I swear to God I don't remember my old guinea pig pooping and peeing this much (I'm cleaning out the poop from their cage like 5-times a day), but then again, I WAS like 10-years-old at the time so my mother was the one dealing with all that back then. No wonder she said "Never again..." after that... X(

Despite the fact that they turned out to be a small handful, I absolutely adore them and am working hard to take care of the little poopy heads. Honest to God, though, I feel like they're conspiring against me with their bowel movements sometimes. I'll pick up poop from one corner of the cage and while I'm picking up the poop in the next corner, they'll both to right to the corner I just cleaned and poop there while I'm in the middle of cleaning. :O

Hopefully I'll be able to litter train them one of these days... ^^;;

(BTW, pics in my gallery.)

09-29-10, 12:02 am

Pet store pigs are usually sold sick and missexed since they are from breeding mills and backyard breeders. Are you sure they are both boys?

Please adopt next time.

I don't know if your Petland is part of the same chain here but they are pretty awful since they sell dogs/puppies and cats/kittens, and keep rabbits and guinea pigs in the same enclosures.

09-29-10, 12:13 am
Well Nibbles was alone in his cage when I was there. Petco, on the other hand, had 6 males (Oreo included) running around in a 10-gallon fish tank. I flipped them over when I got home and they're both boys so we're cool on that.

Either way I'm sure they feel less claustrophobic in their new home.

Domino & Bedhead
09-29-10, 07:32 am
Welcome to the site. You will find some wonderful information here and congrats on the new additions!

09-29-10, 08:06 am
Welcome to GPC!

I agree, please try and adopt next time. You will want to watch for sickness since they came from a pet store; I hope you can find a cavy-savvy vet near you. Guinea Lynx has a list of them -


09-29-10, 12:06 pm
Well, I do live in NYC so I can't imagine it'd be difficult to find a vet that is able to treat guinea pigs somewhere nearby. We pretty much have everything except WalMart here. I'm pretty sure they're both boys since I turned them around and checked.

I do know that pet stores regularly missex animals though since many of my previous pets as a child were missexed, the worst of these scenarios being my hamsters... Those things breed like there's no tomorrow... -_- I'll definitely look into the adoption option next time, but for now, Nibbles and Oreo are here to stay.

As for the whole thing against pet stores and breeders, I really don't have an opinion about them either way. I know that the general opinion of them on this site is negative, but I really haven't heard anything that would compell me to go out of my way to boycott any such businesses.

09-29-10, 12:11 pm
PetSmart Cruelty (http://www.petsmartcruelty.com)

If that in itself doesn't make you want to stop purchasing from places such as PetSmart, PetCo, etc., then I really don't think anything could.

09-29-10, 07:19 pm
Welcome! Your boys are adorable. Nibbles looks a lot like my girl Inca. This is definitely a great site to learn all about GPs.

09-29-10, 08:05 pm
PetSmart Cruelty (http://www.petsmartcruelty.com)

If that in itself doesn't make you want to stop purchasing from places such as PetSmart, PetCo, etc., then I really don't think anything could.

PETA ranks pretty high on my list of the most ridiculous organizations in the world so you'll not likely find me giving them any credence whatsoever as just about everything that comes out of them is ridiculously biased and blown out of proportion...

09-29-10, 09:19 pm
Well it isn't like they doctored those photos. Do you think those photos alone are not terrible even if someone at peta took them? They speak for themselves.

And it is fact that pet stores buy from breeding mills and backyard breeders.

But here Pet Stores and Guinea Pigs (http://cavyspirit.com/petstores.htm)
Consumer complaints about Petland (http://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/petland.htm)
The Voice for Dogs.org What Petland doesn't want you to kow! First hand account of abuse behind closed doors as told by ex-employee Let's end dog abuse now! (http://www.thevoicefordogs.org/Petland/petland2.shtml)
Petland: The HSUS Investigations : The Humane Society of the United States (http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/puppy_mills/timelines/petland_investigation.html)
YouTube - Another PETCO and PetSmart Supplier Caught on Video Mistreating Animals (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOTupkwfqi0&feature=related)

and google "puppy mills". They keep small animals in the same types of conditions, sometimes worse.

Puppy and breeding mills should be much higher on your list than peta. Or the millions of homeless animals being euthanized yearly because people are breeding and buying at pet stores instead.