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04-08-05, 11:52 pm
I recently rescued a female pig from owners that thought she was a he. Apparently the pig was pregnant and now I have a couple young pigs to find good homes for. I have 2 that needs homes. One is a female, white/dark chocolate/light brown colorings and a male that is white/dark chocolate. I wish I could keep them but I already have 7 pigs as it is and my room just isn't big enough for all the C&C cages.

I really want these two to find a really good home with another pig already in the home. I do not want these pigs to be loners. If need be, I will keep them until a good home that I approve of comes around.

04-09-05, 12:07 am
Where in Pa? Picture? Of the male. (fingers crossed) I've got four boys now in a 4X5. I could possibley handle one more.

04-09-05, 10:58 am
I am near the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. Here he is: He, Cocoa, is the first one.


04-09-05, 11:25 am
He's absolutley adorable!! I live in the philadelphia suburbs. Are you willing to travel? Then you could see how my guinea pigs live, just to make sure he will be ok and stuff.

04-09-05, 11:55 am
I really can't travel that far due to the price of gas and other reasons, although I would love to see your setup. What kind of setup do you have? Do all the pigs live together? What would you do if this little one didn't get along with the other pigs or vice versa? If you do decide to take him and for some reason it doesn't work out, I request that you give him back to me. I also require updates and lots of pics of him :)

04-09-05, 01:31 pm
I'm certain I could take good care of him, but maybe you could find somecloser to you that is looking for a pig. My mom is doesn't really want to but she would hate to see something bad happen to him (like go to a shelter or something along those lines not saying your abad owner.) So I could probably convince her if you run out of options or if you can't find someone to take your adorable lil boy.

04-10-05, 09:00 am
I am sure you can take good care of him. I just want somebody that already has pigs or are familiar with pigs to take the babies. Don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen to him and I won't take him to a shelter or anything like that. I have had guinea pigs for the past 3 years and I even fostered a couple. I will just hold on to them until I find soemone suitable.

04-13-05, 03:12 am
I can't help due to being in another country but they are all adorable!
It's good to hear you are being fussy!

I've got four boys now in a 4X5. I could possibley handle one more.
Dagswell, wouldn't 5 boys in a 4 by 5 be a bit of a stretch? Don't boy's need a tad more space per pig than girl's do? (Because of fight's etc)

04-13-05, 12:59 pm
I am looking for a female friend for my male but i live in RI. (On would have to be spayed or neutered before i get her)

04-13-05, 01:09 pm
Actually it would be fine. They are only ever really in half the cage at a time, always near eachother, a fifth one would fit in fine.

04-13-05, 06:41 pm
RustBottum, I think it would be better if you would get a young boar for your boar or have your boar neutered. Spays are just too risky; riskier than a neuter.

I can't help due to being in another country but they are all adorable!
It's good to hear you are being fussy!

Thanks. I am very worried about my babies, I don't want them to have a bad life from being neglected or not fed the proper foods. So far, all three have good homes, the two boys are going together, which I am glad they will have each other. The person that is taking them has never had guinea pigs but she has been doing research and I gave her a bunch of links to look up. And the great thing is she lives right down the street from me so I can go visit them if I like and check up on them. I am making her sign an adoption contract also and what is excepted of her for the care of my two boys.

I have the female left. There is a teacher at my son's preschool but I don't think I want her to have her. I have a bad feeling about her. They mentioned something about having her in the classroom and I said well...you have to take her home every night and she said "Why?" She mentioned that they had rabbits and guinea pigs and lots of other kinds of animals before, but the guinea pig didn't live that long. I just got bad vibes from her about the whole situation.

I just hate to see my babies go, you know? But I obviously can't keep them all. The only thing I can do is make sure they have really good homes where they will be loved and well taken care of.

04-25-05, 08:52 pm
As I said previously, I still have the baby sow left. There is a person that wants her,but she is in NC. I sometimes go to VA, but I won't be going there until the end of Summer. I really want her to have a really good home with another sow or a neutered boar. She is very sweet, shy and very vocal. Anyone in PA or NJ interested?

04-25-05, 10:21 pm
I would take him.I have two boars that are four weeks old.I also have three sows.How far are you from the philadelphila airport?