View Full Version : I am new to both piggies and this forum!

09-22-10, 12:20 am
Hello. I am new to both this forum and owning guinea pigs. I have yet to get a pair ( I know that they like to be in the company of their own kind ) and am looking at both craigslist and other places for a pair to call my own. I of course will house them in a lovely 2x4 C&C cage. I am just gathering knowledge and listening to usefull advice right now.

09-22-10, 12:42 am
Welcome! Read around and ask questions! Good that you will adopt and gathering infos before. They will have a nice home!

09-22-10, 06:45 am
Welcome, so glad you are here!

This site is a wonderful resource and the members are a wealth of information. Like you, I gathered info long before I got my first piggies... It makes things so much easier, knowing just what to do when you finally get your new friends. :)

09-22-10, 02:26 pm
Welcome! When you get your pigs be sure to post pics. We love pics. :)

09-22-10, 07:31 pm
Welcome. I adopted our piggies last week, and I am in love. I have never liked the smaller animals (gerbils/hamsters... I called them all rats, haha), but I must say I am glad we got them.

I didn't have the ability to research before we adopted because it was a spur of the moment thing, our daycare wanted to get rid of them, and I knew we could be a great home for them. I researched them this past weekend and found this site! So much help... I gotta start making a list of veggies to add to our grocery list to start buying for the two boys we have. I never realized how much they do eat!

Cavy Castle
09-27-10, 08:16 am
Welcome! Its good that you are researching as much as you can before you adopt your piggies! Thats what we did and I have learned SO much. That means you are a great owner already for wanting to be well informed! Whatever piggies you choose will be very lucky pigs.