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09-19-10, 10:08 pm
I was holding my guinea pig Panda and I noticed some reddish/yellow specks on the white spot on her rump. I thought they were probably just dirt, but I pulled some out of a piece of hair, held them up to the light, and they were moving. After reading the articles here, I feel like she probably has " Chirodiscoides Caviae," and I read that Advantage is a good treatment for that. I'm really apprehensive about not taking her to a vet, but at the same time, I really don't want to waste money on a vet visit when the vet most likely will know about as much as I do. Not to mention the fact that I have two pigs, both of which will need treatment, and I'll probably have to take in the other one in order to get a prescription for both. In addition, I'm a college student; my vet is at home. I'd have to go home to take them, and to be able to really clean their cage well (here, I usually change the old bedding frequently and wash the cage when I go home). I got Panda from a rescue, and have had her for about a month now. Kona went to the vet and got a clean bill of health before I adopted another animal, so the only place I think she could have gotten it was from the rescue. She's had it for that long and there is no hair loss, itchy or red patches or anything like that, so that's what makes me think it's this fur mite. If anyone could offer some advice, it'd really be very much appreciated.

09-19-10, 10:14 pm
I thought you could not see mites. From what I've read signs are excessive itching or hair loss. Or could you have seen some dandruff from it? Though I'm not sure that would be moving..

09-19-10, 10:51 pm
You can't see mites. I don't know what fleas or lice look like.

09-19-10, 11:11 pm
Fleas are black and leave black specks on the skin/fur. Lice are a light color and leave eggs on the hair shafts.

09-20-10, 11:02 am
They are lite colored AND moving, but I have some friends in an Aquatic Disease lab, so I'll see if I can utilize their microscopes!