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09-19-10, 06:00 pm
Hello, my name is Joey and I live in Atlanta Ga, I am a new cavy owner since I have taken in two guinea pigs that the old owner couldn't take care of and had even stopped feeding. When I got them the cage was dirty and they also needed to be cleaned,and one of them was pretty thin, after a few days they both brightened up and have since been acting very happy and perky. I was told they was both female and had never been around any other pigs, but after reading a lot on here and looking, I realized after about a week that one of them is pregnant. She is getting pretty big and I can feel the babies moving. As far as the other it looks like a girl but I am not 100% sure so I don't know if it is the father or if the momtobe was around another pig, I do know that I've had them for a little more than 2 weeks and I've never seen them mate or anything and they seem very close and bonded,I will have to confirm what sex it is soon though to decide if they need to be separated. I already have a temp home set up for when the other one has her babies. In the little amount of time I've had them I've fell in love with them, they get feed very well, have nice clean bedding, and get treats daily. I will be ordering a C&C cage soon as I will need a bigger cage for them and what baby ill probably be keeping,and any others I will have to find good homes for. Also want to say I love this site and want say I have found so much wonderful information here,thanks so much! Sorry for the long post but that's where I'm at so far...

09-19-10, 07:59 pm
Welcome! It sounds like your pigs had a rough start. I'm sorry they went through that. I'm glad that they have found you. Sounds like they are going to be spoiled pigs now. :D This is a great site to find out anything you need to about pigs. Make sure to read the stickies at the beginning of each section. They are chock full of info. Make sure to post pics of your pigs. We LOVE to see pics! :)

09-19-10, 08:01 pm
Hi! Congrats on your new piggies and it's wonderful that you are going to be giving them a second chance. You will find soooo much wonderful information here.

I am close to you and I suggest you go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy the grids yourself or order them off of walmart.com. It is a lot cheaper to do it yourself and there are many sign shops in our area where you can get the coroplast. I live in Loganville and there is a small shop that sells me mine for $13 a sheet.

I made a 2x7 with a 2x2 loft on top that is on a stand that is 2 grids high with storage space. It's just cheaper if you can do it yourself (and it can also become an addiction)!!

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy your new piggies!

09-19-10, 08:28 pm
Hello cam767! Thanks! Yes I want to show some photos but not quite sure how to post them yet, and yes I've been reading on here like crazy! I cant believe all the info on here!

09-19-10, 08:33 pm
Welcome to GPC!!! I'm so glad your giving the pigs a second chance!

09-19-10, 08:42 pm
Your piggies are lucky you found them! Looks like they couldnt hope for a better home. Congrats for taking them in and trying to give all they need. keep posted for the babies!