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09-18-10, 09:41 pm
My name is Syd and I am from a small suburb in California. I got my guinea pig about 4 years ago at Pet Smart. This was way before I found this site and learned about how bad pet stores actually are. I wasn't planing to get a cavy while i was there but I saw him and he was "On Sale" so I thought it was meant to be. lol They told me he was about 6 months old and his name was Beethoven. I quickly changed his name to Prince as soon as I saw that he had a caramel colored "crown" above one of his ears.
I thought he had been living quite happily for about 2 and a half years until I stumbled across this website. I felt like a terrible owner for waiting that long to give him the life he deserved so I immediately ran out to purchase the supplies for a C&C cage. I switched him to Oxbow pellets and nice hay. I picked up some fleece bedding as well. He immediately started pop corning again like he did when i first got him and became much less scared and skittish.
Now all i need for him is a friend! Unfortunately I am still young enough that I am still somewhat under my parents control and they that it is enough to have just one guinea pig. I am still in the process of making a beautiful "presentation" to convince them. I have a feeling the result will be very positive lol
Thanks so much for making your website so fantastic! It has helped me be a much better owner for Prince :) Bye!

09-18-10, 10:55 pm
Hello and welcome! This is a great place to learn! Looking forward to seeing pics of Prince and his new cage.

09-19-10, 08:15 pm
Welcome. We would love to see pics. Good for you for collecting all the info. I'm sure your parents will be very impressed to see all the research you are doing. I know as a parent myself that I would be. :) Keep up the great work.