View Full Version : Eyes/Non-crusty Large Thorn/Stem in his eye!!!

09-16-10, 10:50 pm
My little cavy has a large thorn like tick stuck into the corner of his eye. there is some dried blood along the outside and it is watering like crazy. His eye is slightly red and cloudyish blue. I already called around and none of the exotic vets in my area are open this late and the ones that are won't take guinea pigs. Please help i am very scared for my baby.

09-18-10, 06:15 pm
Can't you call them in for emergency hours?! My vet is not open late, but they'll come in for emergencies! I have a feeling that you haven't even tried to see if they'll open. It may cost you more, but you need to get your piggie to a vet asap. Sorry I can't be much of a help, but all anyone is going to tell you to do is to go to the vet.

09-18-10, 06:19 pm
You need to get him to a vet ASAP! Please call around try to get in an emergency visit. Please please please for your pig! Beg them. Tell them it is an emergency!

09-18-10, 06:34 pm
Update please!! How is he? Is he alright?

09-18-10, 06:36 pm
Oops just noticed this is from 2 days ago. Any updates? Did he see a vet?

09-18-10, 09:05 pm
I managed to get him to a vet later that night around midnight. He didn't know a lot about guinea pigs but he managed to take it out safely and said to watch for infection. He's back home and safe now but I'm still watching his eye and it still looks blueish but not as bad. I think he should be alright but I'm going to keep watching him

09-18-10, 09:28 pm
Did the vet give you any eye drops?

09-18-10, 09:37 pm
No the vet didn't say anything about drops. He just told me to come back if it looked worse. I don't think he really knew a lot what he was doing because he is the same vet my family uses for our dog and he doesn't deal with rodents usually.

09-18-10, 09:51 pm
Maybe he's not used to rodents, but an injured eye is an injured eye, on a dog or a guinea pig. So I wouldnt worry too much. Keep us updated!

09-18-10, 09:52 pm
When one of my guinea pigs had an eye injury and I took him to the vet. They gave him these eye drops: Flurbiprofen and Tobramycin Ophthalmic Solution.
The tobramycin is an antibiotic for eye infection. The other one is for anti-inflammation.

09-18-10, 10:36 pm
I agree he should be on some kind of drop/eye goop to ward off infection, but Im glad you were able to get the stick out successfully. Must have been very scary.

09-18-10, 10:45 pm
lissie, Would I be able to get those in a pet store or grocery store (pharmacy?) Should I see if I can get them from the vet?

I searched much more thoroughly in my area and found an exotic pet vet that has a 24/7 hour emergency service and is only about 30 minutes away so i don't get stuck in this situation again :)

09-18-10, 10:53 pm
I hope your piggies eye gets better soon!

I'm confused, was it a thorn or a tick? This probably goes without saying but I would try to figure out where that came from to try and prevent it from happening again. Do you think it came out of the hay?!?!

09-18-10, 11:00 pm
You could get the drops from the vet. Pharmacies have them too but you will need prescriptions. I've also found them online but it takes to long to ship or too expensive for expedited shipping.

09-18-10, 11:04 pm
maggieMae, I meant to type stick I'll go back and edit it :)

I think it came from his hay because he ran out while I was waiting for my Kleenmama's hay to come in the mail so I bought a very small bag of hay that was on sale at the store. I search through it and found nothing similar to the thing that got stuck in his eye but I still dumped it all out. I'm hoping that is what the problem was because there isn't anything else in the cage that would do that.

Thanks everyone for you help and concern :)