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09-09-10, 07:18 am
Yesterday was my daughters birthday and next week is my sons, so I told them they could get a guinea pig.. So we went yesterday and got them both a guinea pig..

My daughters is an all white female (Charlie) and my sons is a brown and tan and white female (Gizmo)..

I think they are in shock due to the size of the cage. I have the extra large C&C cage.. At the pet store they where in the normal cage with 5 others. They havent eatten any veggies I have given them yet but Im not sure they have ever had any before..

Im a little nervous bout thier Vit C in take.. all the things I read say do not give them vitamins in the water. So how do I give them thier Vitamins?

Any way this is a new adventure in our family.. We live on a large ranch in Texas.. I am a horse trainer and run a boarding facility. I love animals and spoil all my guys. I have never had any thing like these little guys but everything I read was great and I love all the stuff I have learned from this site.. Any help and advice is welcome..


Hansen family

09-09-10, 07:31 am
Welcome!! They should be able to get all their vit C from their veggies. Feed them vit C rich foods. Are they babies? What brand of food are you feeding? Check the vegetable thread. You can give them the Oxbow vit C tablets if you're worried.

09-09-10, 11:47 am
Yes they are only 8 weeks old.. I am feeding the oxbow timothy pellets.. I give them green bell peppers, lettuce, couple baby carrots.. they are slowly starting to eat the veggies.. and i gave them a little alfalfa since they are young..

09-09-10, 01:59 pm
Welcome to the family and the insanity! We look forward to plenty of pictures of the pigs grow and as they grow to love you!

09-09-10, 03:25 pm
Welcome :) Can't wait to see pics of your piggies!

09-09-10, 03:54 pm
Welcome, and good luck with them.

It's unfortunate that you got them from a pet store - this site is pro-rescue/adoption and stands against the selling of live animals as if they were a pair of shoes. Pet stores often know little or nothing about the sexing of animals - please be sure your pigs are in fact both females, as missexing is very, very common.

Did you happen to actually check whether the other pigs with whom they were housed were also girls? If not, your pigs may well be pregnant. A vet visit would be prudent in any event.

Vitamin supplements are unnecessary in healthy pigs who are eating a proper array of vegetables, especially the green bell pepper, daily. You are quite correct that drops should not be put in their water. If they are not yet eating the pepper, they would benefit from eating vitamin C tablets (such as Oxbow). I would skip the carrots for now and work on getting them eating a wider variety of other veggies first - please see the excellent info moderator Ly and Pigs has posted in the "sticky threads" in the Diet and Nutrition section, especially the veggie charts.

09-09-10, 07:51 pm
Welcome!! I'd love to see the pics of your little piggies. Like Blackarrow, I do hope they are both of the same sex. And that they are 100% healthy. Petstores often unknowingly sell sick animals. Guinea pigs do not show signs of illness until the illness is very far along. So I strongly recommend a check-up. Certain kinds of mites that attack rodents are endemic to Texas. So please make sure your pigs get a very careful check-over. Actually, even healthy piggies often carry mites, because they get them from the large herds of mixed-health pigs that breeders keep, and in a healthy pig the mites sometimes persist at low levels until the pig become ill from other causes. Then they can become a serious issue for the poor pig. There are vets that treat all pigs for mites to make sure they do not even have the lowest levels of them.
There is so much to learn, and this site will help you along. Hope you can show us pics soon!