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09-07-10, 11:31 am
Hello I just wanted to introduce myself. I just joined the forum this morning. My name is Jess and I live in Georiga. I just recently got a guinea pig last week (a week ago today)! I got him from a family who could no longer take care of him, so here he is with me. I am absolutely in love with him! His name is Basil he is a year old and black and white. I am currently trying to find a playmate for Basil, which is proving harder than I thought. I've always wanted a piggy and am so glad to have Basil. :love:

I have attached a pic of Basil :) !

09-07-10, 11:50 am
Welcome to both of you.

Domino & Bedhead
09-07-10, 12:53 pm
They are absolutely adorable but if you don't want baby piggies fast, a same gender piggie would be the best friend for Basil. I have two boars and they are separated by a grid because they chatter at each other which could mean they don't like each other so that you will have to be careful and I have read they can get growly with each other and it is not worth it to me for one of them to get hurt trying to get them together. The people on the forum here are great for advice on putting two piggies together of the same gender. ;-)

09-07-10, 02:15 pm
I read a wonderful article earlier about how to put them together when I do find another male for Basil. I'm the type of person that finds out everything about the subject before I do it. I've been looking for a male playmate, but my luck is horrible. When I am looking for something I can't find it, but when I'm not looking they are everywhere! -sigh-

09-07-10, 02:20 pm
Hi! Welcome to GPC!!

I love your pig, he's adorable. ;)

You probably have, but have you checked petfinder and craigslist?

Good luck with getting him a friend!

09-07-10, 02:52 pm
Yea petfinder they want 65 dollars for 1 pig..the rescues do. And craigslist I have checked daily and seems only females are available around my area. The search will continue for a male playmate. Thanks..we love him. We have had rabbits, quail, (currently have the following) goats, chickens, and dogs. And we wanted to add to our family. Today was the first day Basil actually started talking to me. I was playing with him and he just started squeaking away :D. Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome and suggestions, unfortunately I have checked those and other sites too with no luck!

09-07-10, 03:53 pm
Welcome! Basil is a cutie. Doesn't it figure? I'm the same way. When I'm looking for something specific it's nowhere to be found. Stop looking and about 10 will jump right up. Good luck with the search. I'm sure the perfect boy will turn up for you. :)

Domino & Bedhead
09-07-10, 05:12 pm
That is always the way. Just ask on here, lots of people with all kinds of personal experience which is always a great way to go! :-)

09-07-10, 07:15 pm
Hi, Jess, welcome. What a handsome piggie! He looks like quite a big boy.

As to finding a playmate for Basil: You could try putting an ad on your local Craigslist saying you are seeking male guinea pig to be a companion to your Basil. You would give him a loving home.
This might catch the attention of someone leaning toward rehoming their piggie. There are a lot of parents out there who find themselves taking care of piggies their children wanted, but they didn't, and the kids have lost interest. It is worth a try! Good luck.

09-07-10, 07:52 pm
Hi! He's too cute! I don't know where you live in Georgia, but Atlanta Metro Rescue's male's are only $25, the neutered males are $65. They are in Marietta. They are awesome, I am adopting a neutered male from them to go with my girls. She has some boys right now. She's very good with matching temperaments.

Look up Petfinder and small and furry in Georgia and she has 5 or 6 listed.

Good luck!!

09-08-10, 02:02 am
Thanks everyone! Basil is a big boy. I have posted an ad on craigslist and another pet site with no luck so far. Although I don't want just any ole male, I am selective because I want basil to get the most out of his male playmate provided they do well. He loves to play with our chi-weiners dogs. I catch both our dogs in Basils room wanting to play with him lol. And they are extremely gentle and it seems he takes up well with them too. Thanks thebeachdreamer I will check her out. Marietta is only about 45 mins from me.

That is how I got Basil. The lady's daughter went to work with her one day and the boss gave her the guinea pig and the kids lost interest. So they were rehoming him.