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09-04-10, 10:53 pm
Hi there everyone! My name is Karynne (as my username says), and after browsing this site for a year or so, I finally decided to make an account (now that we actually have piggies of our own). I live in Tacoma, WA with my husband, our two house bunnies, and our two new additions, Penelope and Javier.
Penelope is an adorable little brown and white Teddy, and about a year and a half old. We adopted Penelope from the Humane Society, where I volunteer, about a month ago. She was all by herself in a big shelter, so needless to say I felt bad for her. We arranged to bring her home as a foster, thinking she would at least get more attention, and possibly be less lonely, until someone could adopt her and pair her with another guinea pig. Well, she managed to win me over with her cuteness and her boisterous personality, and within the first two days I ended up filling out her adoption application and tucking it away in a safe place until I could get my husband onboard. I had a birthday coming up, and bless his heart, knowing that I would never be able to part with her, he was already planning on finalizing the adoption paperwork as my birthday gift. So we turned in the application, paid the fee, and started the search for her companion.
After browsing Petfinder listings and talking with a few rescues, we found a promising match at Center Valley Animal Rescue, about an hour away. They had four neutered males, and we had already fallen in love with one in particular named Frank. Well, lesson learned, a picture and a brief bio do not always give you an accurate idea of what the guinea pig will be like. We packed up Penelope in her travel carrier, and drove out there to have us some guinea pig speed dating! As I said, we liked Frank based on his ad, but once we met him in person, and more importantly, once Penelope met him, it was clear the match would not be a successful one. We were a little disheartened, but determined to find Penelope a friend. It was obvious that she needed to be the dominant one in the relationship, so we decided to try Frank's more submissive cage mate, Handsome. I should point out that they were NOT bonded. I would never split up two pals, but Frank and Handsome were most certainly NOT friends. They each had their own side of the cage, and scuffles broke out anytime the line was breached. Well, we let Penelope and him explore the guinea pig proofed bathroom together, and low and behold, they got along. They weren't instant friends, but he let her dominate him, and they slowly started to relax around one another. A match had been made. The rescue had described him as shy, but once we got him home and he had time to settle in, he blossomed! Now Javier (we renamed him) is always the first one to the fence begging for nose pets, and he's the loudest little thing in the world when he hears his veggies coming.
Every day is an adventure with them. Often times my husband and I just sit on the couch, staring at their cage, and watch "guinea pig TV". Sometimes it's a soap opera, sometimes a comedy, but either way it's always entertaining.

09-05-10, 07:54 am
Welcome! Your piggies are adorable!! That's such a nice story to hear how you came upon your 2 piggies. I'm glad they've found their forever home with you and hubby. And it was one of the best birthday presents ever I'm sure. :)

09-05-10, 08:11 am
What a sweet story. Welcome to GPC! You're guinea pigs are absolutely adorable.

I often watch "Guinea pig TV" as it is way more entertaining then the actual TV.

09-05-10, 08:22 am
Thanks for sharing such a great story, and welcome to the forum! You can learn so much about spoiling your new little piggies here. Have fun, they are adorable!

09-07-10, 11:18 pm
Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes!