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09-01-10, 10:18 am
I decided to make a door leading out to floor time so that my guinea pigs have the freedom do what they'd like. Sometimes Ernie will tire of floor time before Barnaby, so I figured a door was the perfect solution. If Ernie wants to go back into the cage he can and if Barnaby wants to stay out and run he can.
Here is my video on youtube of the new floor time idea.
YouTube - Guinea Pigs Out For Floor Time (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RymwKVAoq8E)

09-01-10, 10:32 am
Love that popcorning! Thanks for sharing.

09-01-10, 10:46 am
Wow you have very cute and lucky piggys!!! lot of space to play! Thanks for sharing

09-01-10, 11:52 am
I love that! I've always wanted skinny pigs.

09-01-10, 12:50 pm
That's adorable! I love the little kicking legs as they popcorn and run. What fun, they are such spoiled cuties!

09-01-10, 01:39 pm
So cute! I love skinnies.

09-01-10, 05:38 pm
They are ADORABLE! What a great idea you had. I do that with my ferrets but I'm trying to figure out how to do that with the piggies since the cage is off the floor. I love that video. They were too cute and looking very happy with all that roaming room.

09-01-10, 05:44 pm
Thanks everyone for your nice comments. It has worked out amazingly. I was off work today so since 9:30am they have had the freedom to go for a run and be silly. It is 7:45pm right now and I plan on leaving it open for about another hour or so.
They enjoy it so much that any day I am home I will be doing this, it is quick and easy to set up and rewarding to see them do insane laps and popcorn.

09-08-10, 07:46 pm
Aww, there so cute.

09-08-10, 08:16 pm
Adorable video! That's pretty much the same floor time set up we have, except our cage is raised so we have a ramp that connects to the door. You're piggies look very spoiled : )

09-08-10, 08:41 pm
Aww, I LOVE your pigs!!! I like that idea, its very creative! I love when piggies popcorn!!

09-08-10, 08:59 pm
Those are some lucky pigs! Awesome set-up, my piggies are envious

09-09-10, 10:10 am
Thanks everyone for your nice messages!
If you're able to do this with you cage I'd recommend it. I find it is so easy to give them floor time, I leave everything set up for days until I need to wash the fleece and mattress pads. I just close the door at night before I go to bed so they won't be out when I can't supervise.

09-10-10, 06:25 pm
Just wanted to add a photo of my cage with the floor time door open!