View Full Version : Newborn Pups Olivia had her babies!!

08-30-10, 07:36 pm
Olivia is now a mother of 2 little angels!! Im crying now, because im very scared. There is blood in the cage, and I found little red blobs. Olivia seems to be doing fine, but its the babies im worried about. they are sitting in the corner shivering and look sad. I put blankets around her so the babies are okay. Olivia is a little bloody, and I see little blood tracks in the cage. Is this normal??? please help me, im very worried! :weepy:

08-30-10, 08:08 pm
Watch to make sure that Olivia stops bleeding and make sure that she starts to nurse th babies. Also provide a good hiding spot, since they may just be scared. From what I read, some spotting is normal. I would also look up as much info on the web as you can to prepare yourself. I just had a rescued sow deliver 3 weeks ago, and I have one that is expecting. She was bleeding last week and I did lots of research. Good luck and keep us updated. I know it is nerve racking, but I'm sure it will work out.

08-30-10, 08:26 pm
I hope all will be well with mama and babies. Let us know how they are.

08-30-10, 09:28 pm
The babies are doing great! they started nursing, and are even moving around. They won't eat veggies, and only one of the 2 ate alfalfa hay.

08-30-10, 09:32 pm
Congratulations on the successful delivery.

08-30-10, 09:36 pm
Wow!! That was quick! Congratulations! Hope all goes welll!

08-31-10, 05:51 am
Yeah! What a relief. I am so glad all is well. They will start eating veggies and hay in a few days. Congratulations!

08-31-10, 05:57 am
Yeiiii I am so glad she had the babies, I hope you post some pictures so I can see them please , I can imagine how tiny they are, aww!! I am so jealous :D

08-31-10, 07:13 am
They made it through the night!! Jake (what I call him or her) Wont stop running around! crazy little one!! Sydney (the other one) Doesnt move as much and mostly sits in the hidey! Im making a pellet mash this morning with cavy cuisine (need to buy cavy preformance) and veggies.

I forgot to mention, That one pig didn't make it :sorry:. I call him Dead Sammy. He will always be with us and I loved him the few seconds he was alive. he is happily eating veggies in the sky :rolleyes:.

08-31-10, 07:33 am
I don't know much about pregnancy/babies, but, why are you making a pellet mash? I thought babies could eat solid foods after only a few hours of being born?

R.I.P Sammy!!

Can't wait to see them!

08-31-10, 07:34 am
Ya you don't need to be making a pellet mash, they can eat hay, veggies and pellets.

08-31-10, 08:55 am
The babies ended up eating only a bit of pellet mash. Heather and Olivia ate most! Jake tried eating hay but he couldn't pick it up.

09-18-10, 08:55 am
Olivias babies ae now 3 weeks old, and today im working on seperation. I walked into the room, and the babies were feeding. Is it alright to seperate them? Do they still need mommy? I don't want t seperate them if they are still feeding.

09-18-10, 10:36 am
If the pups are 21 days old today, then you need to separate the male pups from mom regardless if they are still nursing or not.

09-18-10, 11:14 am
Definitely separate today... He will cry and cry for a few days and it'll make you sad, but he'll be ok. My baby is now 3 months old and whenever we stick a syringe (we did mite meds for a while) in his mouth he will suck on it like it's his mother.. :) Mine also tried to suckle on his new adult male buddy for 4 days after we intro'd them. LOL