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08-30-10, 12:46 pm
Hello there!
My name is Rose. I have had guinea pigs for over a year now, but I am new to this forum. Originally, I rescued two pigs, Lady Rose Pose and Princess Petunia Piper. Tragically Piper died in July leaving Rosy Pose & me dismayed.

Yesterday we got a new friend for Rosy Pose, Duchess Sally Flower. So far they have had a few squabbles but seem to have sorted it out.

08-30-10, 12:51 pm
I take it you didn't quarantine them before intros?

08-30-10, 01:02 pm
No as they were both got from the same rescue and the woman who owns the rescue wanted to introduce them right away.

08-30-10, 04:24 pm
Welcome to GPC!!

Please read the stickies atop each forum section, they are full of great info!!

08-31-10, 03:19 pm
Welcome! I had to smile when I read you GPs names. They all sound like royalty! Their probably treated like it too. :)

08-31-10, 06:50 pm
Hello again, thank you cam767, they are treated like royalty. Forgot to mention: we have a website: The Life of Princess Primrose Piper and Lady Rose Pose (http://theroyalpiggies.wordpress.com/)

08-31-10, 06:58 pm
I love the web site , so lovely , your piggies are super adorable

08-31-10, 06:59 pm

What did poor little Princess Piper die of? I saw on your site she was the daughter of Lady Rose Pose. It is very sad that your young piggie died.

08-31-10, 09:51 pm
Hello and Welcome! Your website is wonderful!

09-04-10, 08:04 pm
Thanks everyone for all the welcoming messages- Cogni,we were not sure what Piper died, it was a huge shock and tragedy to everyone that knew her.