View Full Version : Greetings from Holland

08-29-10, 04:44 am
Hi everyone!

We are Colin & Erica from the Netherlands and we have 4 piggies, a five year old called Sandy and 3 new babies Pepsi, Presto & Sparky, all girls. We have just finished building a two storey condo to house them all, which we look forward to posting pics of in the photo section. We really enjoyed browsing all your cages and drew a lot of inspiration from them when building ours.

Here's a pic of them, something i made for fun to use as my desktop wallpaper...

08-29-10, 06:28 am
Welcome Colin and Erica! Gorgeous piggies you have there and what a great way of creating a poster-picture of them! I look forward to seeing more pics, of them and of their condo!

08-29-10, 01:26 pm
Welcome and what gorgeous piggies you have! They are just so darn cute!

08-29-10, 01:48 pm
Welcome! I love your pigs, and your cage is great!