View Full Version : Neutering/Spaying Post-neuter weight?

08-27-10, 11:43 am
My boar Linus was neutered last Monday. He weighted 800 grams going into the surgery and came out 725 grams. He has not lost any more weight but also hasn't gained anything. I'm wondering what other owners that have neutered their boar have found? What was your boars weight difference? How fast did they gain weight back? He is very active and eating and drinking just fine! He wheeks for food and rumbles at the girls from his separate cage. He just started pop-corning again today! Overall I'm not concerned with his health, just wondering what others have experienced!

08-27-10, 02:32 pm
I haven't noticed any significant weight loss with any of my neutered males.

08-27-10, 03:30 pm
You didn't notice any weight loss at all after their surgery? I was told by my vet that he would have lost a bit of weight from stress. If he continues to loose I will be in contact with my veterinarian, but I thought it was normal for them to loose a little weight post surgery?