View Full Version : Size L-shaped C&C cage ideas anyone?

08-26-10, 08:43 am
Hi, well curently I have this:
Brownie and Wall-e's stand =D - Guinea Pig Cage Photos (http://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/21759)
That's my two boars cage, a 2x7.
I love change and thought an L-shaped cage would be fun and cool to build. Have any ideas or pictures you can share of some L-shaped cages to get my imagination rolling. I mean, I know it's not hard to just build it, however, I'm not exactly sure how big to make it, or how to do the storage part.
I'd love to use as little as possible for the stand, and for it to be at least 3 cubes high, like in the picture above.
How many cubes estimated do you think I would need in total.
My plan so far, is to have one side a 2x6 and the L-shaped side, probably around 2x3.
I wont need 6 grids for one side of the cage, because it's going to be against a wall, however, how many grids for everywhere else will I need?
Please share some ideas, even for less-grid stands, and storage ideas for it.
It would be very helpful; Thanks so much!