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04-04-05, 02:41 pm
That video certainly got me seriously thinking of banning all meats from my diet.. but I love sushi... so then I would just be someone who still eats fish right? Also, morally, if we still eat tofu burgers for example that taste like beef, is it really truly right? I mean is is it just that in theory we crave for the taste of beef but also in theory no animals were killed in the process. So thoughts?

04-04-05, 03:55 pm
There is also vegitarian sushi. I love sushi (and other Japanese food) but I have a weak stomach so eating raw fish was out of the question. I love cucumber sushi.

It's not the taste of beef that is wrong. It's the cruel killing of an animal that's wrong. I don't think there is a problem with eating something that tastes like something. *As I mow down on vegitarian chilli*

Slap Maxwell
04-04-05, 05:05 pm
You can choose to eat fish, or you can choose to leave it out. I chose to leave it out. There is always very good sushi without fish in it.

Eating meat flavored products is in no way immoral. I thrive on veggie chili.

04-05-05, 01:52 am
I don't think it's wrong to eat food that taste's like meat. I don't crave meat at all - it's more for convenience. Since I used to eat meat, and my family still does, they know a lot of meat recipes. It's just easier to make dinner really! I wouldn't call myself a proper vegetarian since I still eat fish & eggs. I'm just taking things slow =) If I gave up fish, then I would have no idea what to eat everyday. I will definately give it up though

Slap Maxwell
04-05-05, 09:00 am
Don't eat too much fish Piglet, it has a lot of mercury in it.

Maybe that is just an American thing, though.

04-05-05, 11:04 am
Thanks for the warning. I probably eat it 3 times a week, usually for dinner. It's only ever cod or salmon. I'll research into the mercury thing

04-05-05, 03:08 pm
Salmon's notorious for such toxins, especially farmed salmon, u should limit urself to 1-2 servings a month of farmed salmon... wild salmon is ok for upto 10 servings a month. I haven't heard of many problems with other fish. The problem with salmon is that they have to travel through heavily polluted fresh water coastal rivers which is one of the few causes. I'm in Vancouver BC and salmon's a big thing here but the news definitely made us think twice. It's quite interesting here, I would peg that 15% of people are vegetarians and another 15% will only eat fish here and no other meat, being a coastal city, fish esp. salmon is a big part of our menus.

04-05-05, 08:30 pm
Piglet is in England. They may have tougher salmon raising laws and cleaner rivers than we do, if salmon live in England at all. I know they don't have carp in England. English tourists always wanted people to catch them carp back home. Where I come from catching carp is only used for strength training. Not something you want keep. They aren't pretty fish. 0.o

04-08-05, 09:46 pm
I ate fish at first, for a long time, and now I've probably only eaten it once in the past two months. I'm attempting to give it up for good, but my parents won't know what to do with me if I don't eat it. I'm going to try, but it's harder to eat out then. Of course, it'll be worth it! Someone who eats fish is really a Pescetarian, but some people use the term vegetarian. I also like cucumber sushi. I'd never had raw fish sushi anyhow, since by the time I tried it I was vegetarian and trying not to eat fish! The concept is icky too, I think. Anyhow, I don't think it would take away from the taste as long as you put some soy sauce, miso (fermented soybean paste; I didn't think it sounded good at first but it's not bad!), or ---mind blank--- that spicy stuff... the horseradish sauce. My goodness, you can tell that I don't eat it too often! Wasabi! That's it. :)

04-08-05, 10:54 pm
Yah it was weird actually um I work at a sushi restaurant haha but anyway some people said they were vegetarian and I offered some of the many various vegetarian sushis we had and they said that california roll is fine and I said that there was imitation crab in there which came from a fish and they said oh no don't worry they can eat that and I was just standing there puzzled. Anyway from my job I estimate that 15% of the sushi I sell are vegetarians and there are also some pescetarians too from what I can tell (they'll usually have one of our 3 rolls vegetarian combos and substitute one roll for a simple one fish roll such as salmon or tuna or, as before, a california roll). Anyway the vegetarian rolls are just so much easier to make, it just makes my job easier. :) Avocado rolls are my personal fave, mmmm. I oughta make a guacamole roll one of these days, with fresh crisp cucumber, and a generous topping of sesame seeds. Mmmmm.