View Full Version : Just Delivered Tear drop poop?

08-17-10, 04:13 pm
Alice (who was rescued pregnant already) delivered her babies about 6 days ago. The babies are gaining weight, nursing from Alice, playing, nibbling on hay and veggies already. Alice is eating, drinking and active as usual, however, I noticed that her poop is shaped like a tear drop. It was mushy when I first noticed, but is not as mushy today. I have found some information suggesting that it may be due to dehydration, which makes sense because she is nursing 3 babies. I have seen her drinking quite a bit, and I have been keeping extra water on her lettuce, veggies. I also saw information suggesting give a vitamin C supplement or probiotic. I feel like I give her plenty of appropriate veggies for vit C, but I picked up some liquid stuff (not to dissolve in water). I also bought a liquid probiotic.

So should I try probiotic? vit C supplement? or anything else tonight?

(I am planning to give it a day or two before taking her to the vet, since she is otherwise healthy and the poop appears to be less soft.)