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Evan the king
08-07-03, 09:46 am
My pigs cage is one of those small commercial cages and I need 2 expand it. I was going to use those cubes but I have a small room. I cant place it on the floor because I have dogs. I need Help! If you have any suggestions at all please help.

Thx in advance

08-11-03, 11:34 pm
Expanding: I sugested to another cavy owner to connect there CC's around the "bigginers cage". Here's a link
www.cavycages.com/recycling.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/recycling.htm)
Then scroll down to Cage as Sleeping Quarters Only. This should expand your cage.

Well, if you have a small house maybe you could use the coroplast as a 2 level house. It wouldn't take up much room horizontally (is that how u spell it?) only vertically. If you have dogs, maybe you can cat proof your cage. It's somewhere in this web site. Ok, I found the web site - www.cavycages.com/photos.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/photos.htm) . Then scroll down to Closed Cages Album (cat-proof). It sould also dog proof your cage aswell. Here u go: another link inside the other link I gave u - imageevent.com/cavyspirit...ecoroplast (http://imageevent.com/cavyspirit/cavycagesclosedcubecoroplast)
I hope I helped
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