View Full Version : Stand Links for purchasing a good stand/table for cage?

08-15-10, 12:53 am
Just wondering if anyone has a good link for purchasing a stand or table to place a cage on top of? Anything that's worked well for you?

08-15-10, 01:34 am
What size is your cage?
I like building the stand with grids so it's easy to expand the cage.

08-15-10, 06:18 am
I agree with Lissie. Grids make the best stands. There are many options for grid stands. You can check out the galleries for ideas!
I've also seen cages on top of large fold up tables, on the bottom bunk of bunk beds, on modified dressers, etc.

08-15-10, 11:13 am
I would think anything large and stable enough to support it, along with being at least a foot or so off the floor to keep away from draft (higher if you have larger pets). However, I have seen some really great stands made from the grids--and they have built-in storage cubbies, so you can't go wrong with that!

C. Cole-Chakotay
08-15-10, 04:12 pm
I agree, grids are the best. I built my cage as a 2 x 4 attached to a grid base and it was easy to expand it to a 2 x 5.