View Full Version : Cuddle cups or cuddle cozy's??

08-14-10, 06:55 pm
Hi. So I am going to Joann Fabrics tomorrow and wondered, should I make a cuddle cup or a cuddly cozy for my guinea pigs??? What would YOU choose??

08-14-10, 08:09 pm
For what it's worth. We don't use either anymore. All our pigs did was poop and pee in them and were wet and stinky all the time.

08-15-10, 11:22 am
Well I just made a Cozy last night after a trip to Joann fabric for some more bedding fleece. I just used the scraps. So far she seems to enjoy it, she likes sleeping on top of it more than in it. I'm still not sure how the whole "going potty" in and on it will go. I think it actually has to do with how much time you want to put in to making it. It took me 45 minutes to hand sew a cozy, not sure how long it takes to sew a cuddle cup. I do like the Cozy because then she can run over it while she's doing laps, so it's less space consuming then a cuddle cup.

C. Cole-Chakotay
08-15-10, 04:19 pm
You will need at least two cuddle cups/cozies. They can get dirty quickly and will need changing out at least every other day. To make your decision, notice how your piggies sleep and lounge. You can maybe even make one of each to see what they like best.

piggy love
08-15-10, 05:57 pm
Can you hand sew them?

08-15-10, 05:58 pm
Can you hand sew them?

Um, yes I can, why?