View Full Version : Hullo, I'm new ^_^

08-14-10, 06:31 pm
Hullo everyone, I've been lurking about for a few days and decided to finally post an intro...
My name's Fiona and I'm 22 years old, I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have four guinea pigs, 2 of which I adopted, and if I could adopt more I could! (But i think four's enough for me at the moment!)
Their names are Penny, Pippy, Dora and Muppet. They're all smooth haired except for Muppet who's a rex :) I think guinea pigs are such gorgeous creatures. I love to see them going about their business, and eating, and chatting to each other. They are such cuddly creatures, with such distinct personalities.
I hope to learn lots more from the forum, even though I know a lot already, and looking forward to chatting to you all :)
So yes.. hullo! :eye-poppi