View Full Version : New Cage Problem

ben walker
08-15-03, 07:42 pm
Hey, im 14 years old and i have just bought a new cage for my two guinea pigs. It has a hutch and a wire run and is in great condition. My only problem is i with the bottom. Its an outside cage for the day time, and i place it on grass, so they can graze. However, the bottom has large wire on it. Should i remove this, or leave it on so they dont burrow out? Any suggestions would be good. Thanks

08-16-03, 03:38 am
hello, I'm 14 too. Well, my advice is to take out the wire, because your guinea pigs might get their feet trapped in the wire and trip. Their leg might brake. Is the hutch a heavy one? Make sure it's untipable so that cats and other stray animals can't tip it over of dug underneath it.
That's all