View Full Version : General Separating pups from mama pig

08-09-10, 04:48 pm

I got a guinea pig (approximately 2-3 months old, at the time) at a local pet store in May. I was told it was a boar, but she turned out to be a pregnant sow. Two and a half weeks ago, she gave birth to four pups, one was stillborn. I understand that the pups reach sexual maturity in the 3-4 week range, so I'm preparing to remove the pups from the sow.

I am 100% sure that one is a boar, and 95% that one is a sow. I think (70%) the third pup might be a sow, but I keep going back and forth on that because its coloring makes it difficult to tell.

My question is this: should the pups still be able to see/smell/chat with the mom, or should they be completely separated from her?

I have a cubes cage that I made for her, lined with fleece, and it would be simple enough to divide the cage so that there is one side for the boar(s) and one side for the sows, and the grids would allow them to communicate.

Could someone with weaning experience please tell me what would be best?