View Full Version : Coroplast Alternatives Have no coroplast? No fear!!

07-26-10, 08:11 pm
So... when I started researching care for guinea pigs when I was considering getting them, and when I discovered C&C cages, I saw coroplast, and I already knew I didn't want to bother with it. So I thought, and thought, and thought about what I would do without it. And while in staples one day it came to me when I saw the binder clips. Instead of binder clipping the fleece to the corplast, I would clip it to the cage. But how would that prevent pee from getting to what ever surface your cage is on? I just bought a plastic shower curtain from dollar tree and stapled it to my wooden table that theyre siting on. And no problem what so ever. They cant get to the shower curtain so its safe and no poopsies get out! And i don't have to deal with coroplast. Hope this helps!

07-27-10, 09:23 pm
Thanks for the idea but unfortunately it's not one that is new to us. It's been around the forum for years.

07-27-10, 09:25 pm
Oh my...*sigh* I feel slow. Oh well. If its been around for awhile it guess its a good idea.

07-27-10, 09:43 pm
Don't feel "slow".

I personally still like coroplast better because it makes the cage look nicer and it's easy to clean and doesn't wear out fast.

07-27-10, 10:51 pm
Don't feel slow,pigsfrompluto (love that name!)! You're new ...at least, you care enough to do research and THINK!

And Welcome!

07-27-10, 11:45 pm
Thank you Ly&Pigs and Wheekie! *gets warm feeling in stomach*