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07-25-10, 12:33 pm
In the Shopko ad today, I saw what appeared to be the 9x9 grids on sale for $20. The regular price was listed as $40, so it's a good deal. You get enough to make 4 cubes.

I've never thought about Shopko having grids (then again I've never needed some), but it might be worth it to check it out. Has anyone bought any from there?

07-25-10, 01:09 pm
Sorry can't help. Never heard of Shopko.

07-25-10, 01:23 pm
For 4 cubes, wouldn't it be cheaper to get from Bed, Bath & Beyond? They're only $12.99 (download 20% coupon from their website).

07-25-10, 01:55 pm
Oh, I wasn't saying for me to get grids. (at least not right now) I was just letting people know they were on sale, and I was curious if anyone has had any luck from there.

Lissie, I'm so jealous of those of you that live by a BB&B. The closest one to me is 3 hrs away. :(

07-25-10, 02:27 pm
Would you be jealous if I say I live near Joann's fabrics too? lol

07-25-10, 02:29 pm
YES! Lucky, lucky duck you are. But, the upside is that I have less of a temptation to buy more fleece and I won't go broke buying fleecey things for my pigs.

07-25-10, 03:37 pm
I'm going to get some!

07-29-10, 12:26 pm
Would you be jealous if I say I live near Joann's fabrics too? lol
It sounds a lot like a place i know in massachussetslol