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07-24-10, 11:55 pm
We acquired our pig last week while visiting family out of state. My nephew got a pig earlier this year and, as is common I've learned the last few days, she was pregnant. The pups were born in early April. They were able to re-home the male in the litter, but still had the two females plus the mother.

My daughters (3 & 9) talked me into bringing one back with us. I thought it over for several days, and spent 3 evenings on the Internet immersing myself in learning all I could about the little buggars. My sister had a hamster (several actually, but the first 2 died of "wet tail" days after bringing them home and one died after the neighbor dropped it) that I ended up with when I was in high school because she didn't want to take care of it anymore. I could not stand taking care of that thing. I did it, but I certainly didn't like it. "Wilma" was not very friendly, so there wasn't much interaction there. With that previous experience (more than 20 years ago), I was quite hesitant about taking on a piggie. We've already got 2 Labs, and hubby wasn't super thrilled when he found out (although he did have a silly grin on his face when he was holding her the night we got home). But, after researching and interacting with their piggies, I decided to take the plunge. The babies were handled a lot, so were much more receptive to human interaction. I guess at 3 1/2 months old she's not a baby anymore.

We got home from our trip late Thursday night, and I'm working on the C&C cage now. I was able to find the 9x9 14" cubes at K-Mart (and on sale too!) today and got several fleece blankets to use for flooring (they're in the wash - no fabric softener). I'll be searching for coroplast Monday.

07-25-10, 07:31 am
congrats on your new piggy! at 3 1/2 months she is still a baby... kind of :) she should be fed alfalfa based food instead of timothy as it is higher in vit c. Also you should consider getting her a friend some time in the near future. I'm sure your daughters wouldn't object but piggies are much happier when they have piggy company! Post some pics of her I'm sure she is adorable!

07-25-10, 07:38 am
Congratulations on the new piggie. I have 3 sons - they all love our guinea pigs. It is fun to build the cage. Good luck and welcome!

07-25-10, 04:37 pm
Congratulations on your piggie and welcome to this forum (: I hope you choose to adopt another pig, they are social animals.

07-25-10, 06:50 pm
My adult experience with guinea pigs is much better than when I was a kid. I think research and understanding how to care for them makes all the difference. Make sure you have a cover for your cage or keep your guinea pigs in a place where your dogs can't get at them. When my kids were young, their sitter's lab mix picked up their guinea pig and dropped in, killing it.