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03-31-05, 08:21 pm
I am planning on making a C&C cage for my piggies and I just had a question since I am new to this. I was on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond site, looking at their Cubes. They have a package that says it's enough to make 6 cubes. So my question is, since I don't plan on using it to make cube shelves, about how big would this make a cage? It has 24 connectors and from counting on the picture, looks like 24 grid pieces. Thanks!

03-31-05, 08:42 pm
I think it would be 23 grids. You could easily make a 2 x 4 and maybe even a 2 x 5 depending on how you wanted to do it.

03-31-05, 08:43 pm
And even add a second level.

03-31-05, 08:46 pm
Thanks! So would that be a big cage? Big enough for 2 piggies? I have never made one before and honestly I am a little intimidated because I have never been too crafty, but everyone keeps telling me how easy it is so I want to try to give my guinea pigs the best piggie kingdom!

03-31-05, 08:52 pm
As everyone here knows (and are probably tired of hearing about) I adopted my first 2 boars 2 weeks ago. I made them a 2 x 4 cage and it's huge!! Believe me, if I can do it, you can too. It's a lot of fun and very rewarding.

03-31-05, 09:11 pm
It's something I am definatly going to do! I know the piggers will thank me for it. Sounds like that size will be perfect and if I get real ambitious I will try to make the second level as well! Something me and the kids can do together!

03-31-05, 09:37 pm
Goodluck and post pics when you are done.

04-01-05, 01:24 pm
Mine from target had same amount of cubes. I had some leftovers after making a 2x4 cage to add a 1x2 second level and still have one or too left. The only thing was I ran out of connectors, but I just used zipties (also called wire ties) to secure everything. Hope this helps

04-02-05, 04:04 pm
I made a 3x4 for my girlies from the box I got from BB&B, I used all the extra grids to make a loft. But unlike the other multi-level cages here, my loft only has grids on the outside and none on the inside. My pigs know how to walk around the loft without falling down into the main level of the cage. I just bought a second box of cubes because of the addition of Bubba (formerly JJ). He will be kept separated from the girls until I can get him neutered. I still have 15 grids left after making Bubba's temp 2x2.

04-02-05, 06:09 pm
Mom2azoo, welcome and congratulations on the pigs and making a C&C cage. Have a blast!