View Full Version : Stand Using grids for stands....

07-19-10, 01:04 pm
....how sturdy are they? What is the best design for using grids as a stand? Do you secure all the connections with zip ties? Do you prefer a stand made out of grids over a table?

07-19-10, 01:10 pm
Grid stands are extremely sturdy if built right. I normally make mine so the cage is supported, grids on the sides and in the middle and obviously under the coroplast. To add extra strength you can put grids in the back too.

I use a combination of connectors and zip ties. I like both grid stands and tables, it just depends on personal preference.

07-19-10, 01:13 pm
Grid stands are very sturdy if you make sure to zip tie at least two spots on every side of each square. I prefer them to tables because I always have extra grids laying around and they are I don't have to worry about getting a table the perfect size. I also like to make cubby holes in my grid stands to store supplies.