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03-31-05, 04:23 pm
I had two female rabbits to start with, I was never told to spay them so I thought that they would live ok together. When my younger rabbit matured they had a huge fight that needed stitches! I did some more research and I realized that they had to me spayed. So I got my youngest one spayed, while she was recovering she got out of her cage while my eldest rabbit was running around the garden. They had another fight but this time no one was hurt.

My unspayed female does not seem lonely and enjoys the company of humans. My spayed female on the other hand was loney so I got her a neutered male from a rescue. They are now living together after 2 weeks perfectly! They are even grooming eachother!! I am now saving up to get my older rabbit netuered. I have to put her on a diet first as I know she is overweight. Is 3years old too old to spay?

My question is how hard do you think it will be to bond them all after she has been neutered? I have heard that rabbits hold grudges so I thought maybe she will never get along with the female rabbit again. At the moment she is very aggresive and I know it will be reduced after neutering. So what are your thoughts?

Thanks! xx

03-31-05, 09:22 pm
In my experience, it's unpredictable. I had rabbits, I started out with one, then got another and another. Those 3 loved each other so much. Then the first 2 died and Blanca was all by herself so I thought we should her a friend. Nope. Didn't work. She attacked poor Smokey from day one and we had to move him to another cage. Blanca was better off alone after her 2 best friends died. Hope that helps a little.

04-01-05, 07:14 am
3 years old is definitely not too old to spay. Spaying eliminates the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer which is very common in unspayed female rabbits.

I don't think I would risk bonding since they have seriously injured each other before. Trying to bond them all together might break up the bond that the young female and male have.

Maybe after a few months after the spay, you can put them in side by side cages and see how the older female reacts. But overall, I think it is better to be safe than to risk another serious injury.

04-01-05, 08:24 am
When I think about it that way I agree. My eldest rabbit had a gash in her neck from the first fight, she was stitched up and giving anti-biotics for a week.. it was a total nightmare!! My other rabbit had a gash on her back leg, right on the ligiment. She had to stay over night at the vets, when she came home she had a cone and anti-biotics. If it is going to end up the same as it did before I won't try. I will still be getting my other rabbit spayed though, she's spraying like theres no tomorrow!