View Full Version : Just a little intro

07-17-10, 10:42 pm
Hi yall how yall doing my name is ryan my cavi is Artie. the maintenance people found Artie rolling around the grass at my apartment so they gave him to us. then the next day i put up signs all over its been 3 weeks now so we have decided to keep him unless some one claims him. ll he first was in a box then a 50 gal Rubbermaid then the under the bed Rubbermaid with the wire cube, and now i have him in a 20in x 40 with a second floor that is 20 x 20 i work for a roofing company so i used some old yard signs that i cleaned up for the base. i wanna make him a cage that is 28 x 56(2x4) and a second floor consisting of 4 square shaped like an "L". he is a little noise maker when ever he sees me getting him carrots or the bell pepper. yea i think that is everything did i miss anything lemme know