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07-16-10, 11:18 am
I need advice for one of my piggy's. I recently noticed something wrong with her eye. The problem is there are NO vets in my area who care for cavies! I would have to travel and hour or more to find one. I looked on this site and the guinea lynx site and it lookes like she has ruptured her eye. She is acting o.k. though,eating and behaving normally. What can I use to help her keep it clean and pain managment?

07-16-10, 04:33 pm
You need to drive the hour or more to the vet and have her seen. Eye injuries, especially a ruptured eye is nothing that can be treated at home.

My own vet is just over an hour away and I have taken both pigs and rats up there on a few occasions when vet care is needed.

07-16-10, 05:44 pm
My vet is an hour away. In fact all the vets who see guinea pigs are at least an hour away! I worry about this if we had an emergency, but I don't hesitate to drive to see her if we need to. You should take your little piggie to the vet regardless of the distance that you need to drive.

When I first got my piggies and I needed to take them to the vet, people thought I was crazy to drive that distance. But my opinion is that if I am not willing to do what I need to do for my piggies health, then I should never have gotten them in the first place. I love our vet, Dr. Fleischer. She is great and highly recommend her to anyone in the Central Valley of California! If anyone needs the info for a good cavy savvy vet in that area just let me know!

Lil Fella's Mom
07-16-10, 06:05 pm
Wow, an hour is nothing. It takes me closer to 1.5 hours. I have been there on 3 different occasions with both the piggies and the ratties. When you have animals, it is your responsibility to care for them. I don't find your drive unreasonable at all. Even my dog's vet is 45 minutes away.

Eye injuries can be very serious. You should't hesitate to have the piggy seen by a vet.

07-16-10, 06:09 pm
My vet is about 45 minutes away. Unfortunately a good exotics vet is often hard to find. It may not be convenient but you need to take your pig to the vet. No one here can manage your pigs pain or diagnose the problem.

07-16-10, 07:11 pm
Thanks for your replies. At first I thought it was a long way but now I find it's hard to find someone that can reliably care for piggy's. I wish more vets would take them.

07-16-10, 07:36 pm
An hour really doesn't seem long at all to me...but I'm used to long drives. It's at least half an hour to get up to my horse which is normally an every other day thing.

I hope your girl gets better and you take her to the vet. I know two-hour round trip might be a bit of trip for you, but your piggie will thank you for it.

I guess I'm just lucky my exotic vet is no more than five minutes away from us.

07-16-10, 09:29 pm
A ruptured eye suggests either a bad injury or an infection, or both. Poor little one! Your piggie may die if you don't get help for her.

I think guinea lynx has a list somewhere of good piggie vets, so get on that or another site to do a thorough search. Your piggies deserve good medical care, don't you think? If you do not think they are worth spending hours of your time on a vet visit (including a drive of an hour or more) when they have a serious medical issue, then... well no point in going on, if you have taken on board the advice given to see a vet and soon.

I hope she gets well soon!

07-17-10, 08:22 am
I have tried every vet and every number I have been given, and noone treats piggies! I have never been so frustrated and helpless as I feel right now! Even the one that is an hour away that I was TOLD took cavies does NOT! Grrrrr, I feel upset and helpless, did I mention helpless?

07-17-10, 08:26 am
Now the question is do I try to rehome them with someone that actually has a vet close by? I'm feeling very lost right now. If I do rehome them how far away are they going to have to go. I never knew it was so hard just to get qualified care for a pet. Of course sometimes it's hard to get care for a human...

07-17-10, 08:31 am
Start calling animal rescues. They generally know the local vets (since they have to get piggies back to health before rehoming) and there might be a piggie vet in the wider network of vets who know vets.
You probably do not have time to rehome this pig before he becomes gravely ill or dies. Please call all the rescues in your town and neighboring town until you find a vet that can see your piggie.

07-17-10, 10:27 am
I've called every number I have been given with no help. The best I can do is have her seen monday. Till then my hands are tied, it sucks but I don't know what else to do.

Lil Fella's Mom
07-17-10, 10:41 am
If you are willing to tell us where you live, maybe a fellow member lives nearby and knows a vet or has better resources for finding one.

Fact is, you need to see a vet with your little girl. If you really can't find an exotics vet, I would think that any vet is better than leaving it untreated. I would recommend though that you research safe medications on guinea lynx. A regular vet may not be as knowledgeable and prescribe a dangerous medication.

07-17-10, 11:29 am
Take her on Monday, if you cannot get her emergency care near you this weekend. I know it is incredibly frustrating. If you can tell us where you live, someone may be able to find more numbers for you to try, even on the weekend. I would certainly be prepared to spend a few minutes helping you find a vet/animal hospital for your pig.

In the meantime, make sure you print out a copy of the dangerous medications list on guinealynx and have it ready to take with you. Give it to the vet when you see him/her. If there is a list of safe meds (I haven't checked), give it to him/her as well. If you don't have a printer, write the list down. This is EXTREMELY important, especially when (as you may be) you are taking her to a vet that does not often see guinea pigs. Make sure you ask for a probiotic if they give you an antibiotic. Do not let them tell you to use yoghurt (guinea pigs are lactose intolerant). I think Guinealynx should tell you the timing of the probiotic (I think you need to give it after the antibiotic each time, but a certain time after it).

Ask your vet for Oxbow Critical Care. This is a powdered food you can mix with water and syringe feed to sick pigs. Your pig may need it after her treatment. If she stops eating or drinking, syringe feed her water and homemade pellet mash. Instructions for making this are on Guinealynx. If she looks like she is going downhill, take her to any emergency care animal clinic you can find ASAP. Make sure you have your list of meds in hand.

Good luck! Remember your hands are NOT tied, no matter how it feels. The information to help you get your guinea pig through the weekend is there, and there is lots you can be doing (getting the lists of meds, getting a travel box ready, making calls/making lists of people to call, buying her favorite foods, blending up pellets for mash, etc). Keep posting questions on here and people WILL help you!

07-17-10, 01:05 pm
Could you post a picture of the eye? Tell us what it is about the eye that leads you to say it seems to be a ruptured eye.
Maybe somebody here seeing it would have a different idea.
Still, follow the instructions people are giving you. The piggie should be seen by a professional, and soon.

07-19-10, 04:08 pm
In March 2009 this poster said they were in upstate NY.

07-19-10, 05:15 pm
Upstate NY is a very big place but I'd suggest Dr. Spindel at Animal Ark in Baldwinsville if you're anywhere near it. He treated my Cletus perfectly appropriately this spring when he had an odd growth blocking his ear canal.

(315) 635-2525
2996 Belgium Rd
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

07-19-10, 06:06 pm
How is your piggie?

07-23-10, 01:14 pm
I was wondering the same thing...how is your piggy?

07-23-10, 01:17 pm
I can't help worrying a bit about this piggie too.