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07-14-10, 07:19 pm
I guess this should have been my first post, but being new here, that kind of slipped. :ohmy:

So hello from Chalupa, Daifuku, and myself in the Metro Boston area!

Daifuku is really my step-piggy, or rather my boyfriend's piggy. She has been with him since before I met my him, which was over 1 1/2 years ago. When I started dating him, I was afraid of Daifuku biting me or peeing on me when I tried to hold her. Eventually I grew to really like her and started researching these amazing creatures. The first thing I learned was that they didn't like to be alone, so I immediately went to my boyfriend and told him I wanted my own piggy so that she could live with her and be happily together forever after.

That was last October, and I didn't know anything about acquiring a piggy and my boyfriend just took me to Petco. (I apologize for my ignorance back then as I had no idea about shelters and rescues. :ashamed: ) That's where I got Chalupa on that rainy afternoon. I work evening shifts so she came with me to work right after I made a quick stop in a grocery store to buy a bagged lettuce salad. Chalupa liked it, but was scared most of the time. I didn't know anything about introducing piggies and my boyfriend said it was fine to just put her in the cage. Thinking back, everything I did was wrong, but I had good intentions. For a while Daifuku would be mean to Chalupa, and being in a petstore bought cage didn't help with their space.

I researched, bought materials, and built a C&C cage that was 2x2 with 3 levels. The bottom is for storage, so they only really use 2 levels. Living in Metro Boston means real estate is expensive, or in other words, rent is a hole in the bank and the apartments are economically tiny. The piggies also live at my boyfriend's apartment, so he could only dedicate a 2x2 (grid dimension of 28" x 28") footprint to the piggies. Since my boyfriend was keeping a roof over the piggies heads, I became primarily responsible for their expenses (carefresh, hay, oxbow cavy cusines, veggies, etc...). Also, because of my work schedule, my boyfriend ends up doing most of the cleaning, interacting and caring for them. This we have found fair over the last months.

A few weeks ago I moved into a new apartment. I suppose it's in prime location and is considered a luxury apartment. I practically pay an arm an a leg for a tiny 338 sq. ft. (31.4 m^2) economy tiny studio. The living area (where I sleep, eat, watch tv, sew, draw, paint, etc...) is only a little under 180 sq. ft. (16.7 m^2). My previous apartment was in a really good location and was over 25% larger, cheaper, but it was carpeted, in a basement, and moldy. I developed severe allergies, and had to leave before the end of my lease. The new apartment gets plenty of light and has solid hardwood floors.It is a million times easier to keep clean as well with minimal dust in the air. Even better, the underground parking lot is connected to the neighboring 24 hour supermarket! Before I signed the lease, I also got approval to have the piggies live with me if it became necessary. The management only allows cats in the apartments, but they have written a letter approving the piggies.

Now, my boyfriend has had issues with the roommate, and we have decided to move the piggies over to my place. I decided to give them a 2x3 grid footprint in my apartment. They'll have more space than before, and I can still have room to spread out the craft table when making sewing patterns for piggy accessories. This time around, I decided to go with a pre-made cage since my previous one sagged and it was really difficult for me to get all the supplies. I have a license to drive, but lack experience since I don't have a car and I am used to traveling by bus or subway. I went on ebay (Bluestone Commerce/Cages) and purchased the precut/scored coroplast, cable ties, ramps, and instructions (I had to email them directly rather than buy through ebay since I didn't need the complete set with grids). I had most grids and Staples had a good deal on grids with free shipping.

I have built the cage. It is four levels. The basement is storage, 1st and 2nd floor are 2x3, 3rd floor is a cool looking "Millenium" observation deck. The engineer that designs the Bluestone Cages really pays attention to details and their instructions are very good to prevent the sagging cage syndrome. The piggies will be moving in soon, but before that happens, I need to get their bedding straightened out. I plan on making fitted fleece bedspreads with two zorb mats. I have most of the material except for the fleece. I also got some muslin to practice with and find what works best for me.

So this is where my piggies and I stand. Again, hello from all of us, and I look forward to being part of the forums.

Heh heh... I do hope I didn't make this too long. :)