View Full Version : C&C K-mart grids

07-13-10, 10:07 am
I think K-mart has a new brand of storage cubes available in there stores. they measure just under 14x14 and I am pretty sure they are nine squares by nine squares. The brand name is STOR I looked it up on K-marts website and there was one review that said great for guinea pig cage.

Has anyone used these? I looked at costco and they didn't have any, I don't want to use the Target ones and frankly I am tired of looking I just want to buy them already.

07-13-10, 11:53 am
I have used them. I measured them and they are the correct measurements. They are 9 across the the squares are 1 1/2 inches.

07-14-10, 08:53 am
I use them and they are safe.

07-14-10, 11:14 am
I think I'm going to totally get two boxes of these! I want to make an awesome C&C cage and they are several dollars cheaper than at walmart. I didn't even think to look at Kmart. Thanks!!! :cheerful:

07-14-10, 12:24 pm
We just got them, 6 cubes for $19.99, they are safe and were cheaper at Kmart for us than Walmart. They were the Stor brand and they worked great.

07-14-10, 01:19 pm
I wish we had Kmart here. :( I paid $84 for 2 6 cube sets, at home depot.

07-14-10, 02:15 pm
I wish we had Kmart here. :( I paid $84 for 2 6 cube sets, at home depot.

Holy cow that's expensive...Kmart or Walmart wouldn't ship online to you?

07-15-10, 12:24 pm
Thank you everyone. I am off to buy these tonight I am giddy with excitment.