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07-06-10, 03:50 am
Hey everyone!

After browsing through the information on this site for what seems like forever I finally joined!

About me:

I am 21 (almost 22).
I live in a relatively small town in southern WV.
I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember.
I am in college in the hopes of becoming a vet.
I live with my five dogs, five piggies, and boyfriend.
I owned piggies in the past but just recently, about a month or so ago, brought them back into my life.

The Pigs:

The two youngest were my first additions to the household.
I did purchase them from a petstore (ignorance, I know better now).
They are Axel (male) and Annabelle (female. Dont worry they've been separated since their genders were known.

My other three piggies I rehomed from someone off of Craigslist. They're three females (I was told sisters). They are about a year old and have been with me about a week now.

All the piggies are still getting used to me and their new home but are finally opening up to me a bit. None of them mind being held its just the catching that proves to be the problem a lot of the time. (: But we're working on that. Just within the past couple days they have come to reconize me and bit better and all will wheek very loudly when I enter their room! Expecting veggies I suppose!
They are all absoulutely adorable and a joy to have in my life. And I know this site and very helpful information has and will continue to help me give them the best life possible!

This is my lil boy Axel. Next is my lil girl Annabelle. And last is the three sisters; Isabelle, Leah, and Maple.

07-06-10, 05:11 am
Welcome! All your guineas are so cute! The three girls eating together is adorable. I was hoping to find a pig off of craigslist too but have had some trouble finding one. Did you have a lot of luck looking in WV? I live in VA about 20 minutes from parts of WV and don't mind a little traveling to rescue a little one!

Hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do.

07-06-10, 12:49 pm
Hello and welcome. Your pigs are beautiful. Have you considered getting Axel neutered so he can join the girls and make a herd? I have had very good luck with that so far, and know many others who have. They are herd animals, and once his plumbing is clear and the girls break him of being a rumblestrutting fool, they usually get on quite well.

07-06-10, 01:29 pm
Hello and welcome! Your piggies are so cute haha.

07-06-10, 01:31 pm
Welcome to the site! Please let me know if you need anything. I'm always around (somewhere). Great pigtures! They are very adorable. :)

07-06-10, 03:56 pm
Thanks everyone for your replies..It's nice for the piggies and me to feel so welcome!

Volti- I started searching for guinea pigs on Craigslist about a month after purchasing my first two and learning about Craigslist. The few shelters near me don't even take in guinea pigs.The closest I've found on petfinder was in Ronoake. Which isnt too bad of a drive, might even be closer to you, but I searched Craigslist and found the three females and they were closer and adorable and not being kept in the best conditions. She had them outside. Those three are the only ones I've seen near me on Craigslist. And I actually drove to VA to pick them up,in Wytheville.

3Piggles- Yes I plan on having him neutered. I don't believe I mentioned it in the post but I did on my profile page (?). I'm not sure of his age but he's young, only a.couple months. But as soon as he is of weight and age he will be neutered. I would love to have the whole lil herd living together. Hopefully they'll all get along. (:

Victoria07 and Feeorin215-Thank you both for the replies and pigture comments! Appreciated very much by me and the piggies. And also thanks.for the help offer if needed. I'm sure I will sometime. (: Same goes to you if i could ever be of any help.

Hope I didn't forget anything or anyone. :)

07-06-10, 09:45 pm
Welcome! Your Guinea Pigs look so cute and happy. I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do.

07-06-10, 09:52 pm
Thank you GuineaLove!
This site and forum has already been very helpful. It has introduced me to C&C cages, fleece, quality pellets and hay (just placed an order for KM the other.day) and much more! And I'm sure it will continue to do so.
I'm glad the piggies look so happy! It let's me know I'm doing a good job and the best for them..mostly because of this site I'm sure! :)