View Full Version : Can You Have 3 Stories?

12-23-02, 08:36 pm
I was thinking about making a 3 story cage. What do you people think about it? I'm not sure about building it.

12-23-02, 08:53 pm
Sure, why not? As long as you have the room for it and make it safe so they can't fall off, i think it is a great idea. Post pics if you get it built. I just built 2- 2 stories and they love it, plus watching them bounce from one floor to the other up and down the ramps doing laps keeps us entertained all evening.

01-20-03, 04:56 am
I have three storey cc cage :) I wanted to build a really big cage for my pigs but didn`t have much room. The good thing about multi level cages is they don`t take up any extra space really because the space above the cage was unused anyway. I have 5 X 4 bottom level with a 4 x 2 second and third level. I`m sure you could have as many levels as you wanted as long as it was stable and the higher levels enclosed so the pigs couldn`t fall. I have totally enclosed the second level other than the ramp because I had it open (as most of the designs I`ve seen are) but one of my pigs kept jumping down from there and I was worried he`d get hurt. I still have to add flooring to the third level so they aren`t using that yet but once it`s finished I`ll post a picture :)
Should be later this week

guinea pigz rulz
09-10-03, 12:08 am
of course you can