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07-01-10, 05:54 pm
Hi I'm Mary I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, although I'll be moving to Kalamazoo for school in the fall. I'm new to guinea pig owner ship (it's been 4 days now) but I used to own rats. I have one piggy right now, her name is Betty and she's a black and white crested but only the front of her crest is white making her look like she has very bushy white eyebrows, she also has very torn up ears. Because of her "unconventional" looks she's named for "Ugly Betty" and she is a real sweetheart. I bought her from a pet shop because she was being severely bullied by her tank mates (this is how I end up with a lot of pets, I'm a softie). I set up a large laundry basket as a makeshift pen (it's a big laundry basket, like the size of a My First Pet Home). The past four days have been a journey! I figured like rats guinea pigs are sold as a low maintenance pet but actually have specific needs. I'm so glad I learned about C&C cages and did not buy a cage the size of my laundry basket! Now I just have to wait for the pieces to get here! Also the cold weather has made the production of timothy hay bales virtually halt. The local feed store was supposed to have some TWO WEEKS AGO. So poor Betty has been a real trooper with her alfalfa hay. I ordered some Timothy hay online but I'm hoping to find something local soon! Betty doesn't complain she is just delighted at her new home and her new "siblings" my momma cat, Qat (pronounced "Cat") thinks she is an "ugly" kitten and likes to nuzzle her and give her baths (I keep them closely supervised and I have never had an incident) Cyril my little kitten (okay he's not much of a kitten anymore, he's going to be a year on Sunday) is annoyed he is no longer the "baby" in the family but he's adjusting. Betty loves to eat (we live by a lot of hippies and agriculture so there is always something fresh and local to try) and went from making no noise to making all kinds of happy noises. I can't wait to find her a buddy and start customizing her cage! I can see the obsession forming. :love: