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03-30-05, 07:05 am
I made a hay rack using a C&C square. Should I put lots of hay on the bottom of the cage for Gizmo and Maugaui to run around in? I already have pine shavings for the cage. My vet suggested I switch to Aspen. Does anyone else use Aspen or Pine shavings?

03-30-05, 07:57 am
Is your pine kiln-dried? I use fleece and my boys popcorn like crazy when I change it and they get different colors. It's a much cheaper option...and I believe it's easier.

03-30-05, 10:45 am
I use aspen and I am happy with it. I tried hay on the cage floor, didnt like it, the piggies pooped and peed all over it, the bottom shavings and newspapers were soaked. I prefer them eating clean hay off the floor.

03-30-05, 01:01 pm
I made a hay rack out of a square also. My girls love to climb into it and sleep. I do not add any to the bottom. I prefer them eating clean hay like Pennick. I used to put it in a pile on the bottom and they played in it a lot, but also used it for doing their business. I used to use aspen, but the kind I was getting was inconsistent with the size of the shavings, so I switched to pine. It is much finer and cheaper. If the aspen becomes consistent in its size, I will switch back.

03-31-05, 10:54 pm
I use kiln dried pine that I get in bulk from a local stable. I liked aspen but I had to buy it online and it was too pricey. I tried fleece and really liked the look and feel and there were less bits and pieces all over my floor. However, it just needed changing too often as it started to smell too bad every other day. I also didn't like washing the dirty fleece in my washing machine. I've switched back to pine.

03-31-05, 10:54 pm
Oh yeah, hay on the floor got too soggy and messed up. I have a loft where I keep all the hay (it is fleece lined).