View Full Version : URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Possible URI question

06-30-10, 09:00 pm
I had my girls out tonight playing and clipping nails. Oreo hates having this done with a passion. even when I bribed her with a pepper. I thought I could hear some raspy breathing when I was holding her. But she was so worked up at the nail clipping and then she sneezed a couple times, but has no runny nose and I have not heard coughing. When I hold her up to listen to her breath she sounds a little rattly if that makes sense. I thought maybe she was just worked up, so I held her for awhile and just let her calm down, and listened again. I could still hear it. When I put her back in the cage, she sneezed again when she went over to her hay. But nothing since then and thats been a hour and a half ago. Should I be concerned and take her in? I have not had these girls very long and this is the first time dealing with any sickness. on that note, she's eating normal, playing and popping all over. Begs for her veggies rather loudly along with her sisters. Am I making to much of this, or take them in on a better safe than sorry scenerio.

06-30-10, 10:26 pm
My piggy had a URI and was eating and playing normally also if it is a URI this would be a good time to get her checked before it gets worse.

07-01-10, 03:28 pm
I would have a vet check her just to be sure. By the time a pig shows a lot of symptoms, the illness has progressed quite a bit. It's just harder to fight it, takes longer and takes more out of the pig.

If the vet doesn't find any signs of a URI, ask about a sinus virus. Bactrim is usually used to treat sinus viruses. Pigs also get allergies including hay fever, so it could be that if it's not a URI.