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06-29-10, 09:05 pm
Has any one had this problem?
My water bottle leaks really bad. I'll go to school in the morning and come back around 4:30 and the ENTIRE water bottle would leak all over the bedding a soak it through. I can't afford to replace the bedding every day. We've tried 2 different water bottles and neither has worked. We have the Petco brand water bottle right now. I tried using a brick to absorb it, but the water just sat there and ran off the brick. What can I do to fix this? And is there a brand of water bottles you guys recommend?

Thanks so much!

06-30-10, 04:30 pm
Help please?

06-30-10, 05:00 pm
Take of the sipper tube, and check inside of it, there should be a little rubber seal/ring which makes the water bottle air tight, if it's not air tight it will leak until empty.

06-30-10, 05:21 pm
Try getting an All Living Things bottle (has bubbles on it) or a Critter Canteen bottle. Both are nearly drip proof (Critter Canteen drips only a little when you first fill it and the All Living Things doesn't drip at all) and quite cheap.

If you don't want to spend extra $$ on a new water bottle, then place a brick under the bottle to absorb leaks, or a heavy, ceramic bowl to catch them.

06-30-10, 05:24 pm
Okay, thanks! I'll definetly try those different bottles.
And I'll check for that little rubber thingy.
Thanks again!

06-30-10, 05:32 pm
This was happening to one of our bottles.. My hubby found the seal ring ws not on right, adjusted it and now it is fine.. Check that out for sure..