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06-29-10, 06:22 pm
Hi ya'll I wanted to offically be part of this forum instead to continue as a guest like i have for the past years. So about me... I have owned two guinea pigs years ago, unfortunately I wished I could have known about this forum then, and Reese (orginally Betsy) is my third guinea pig. I want to say since I have this web site I have become more guinea-pig-educated.
Reese was in hands of a care taker while a family was on vacation. When they family came back they didn't want their guinea pig anymore, and the care taker couldn't take care of her with her busy schedule. So that is where I come in. The care taker texted my mom wondering if I would be interested in Reese, the only reason that my mom let me know that the text even existed was that because they are good friends that she wanted to help out. Of course I have been wanting a guinea pig for the past three years, and this would be the only opportunity I would get.
Reese's owner meant well, but lets say that Reese will be living in a better life style now.
Other than Reese, I own 5 sugar gliders, 2 bunnies, and fostering two mice until they find a home.

07-06-10, 06:02 pm
Hello and welcome!

I too just joined recently after lurking for quit some time and.also owned guinea pigs in the past. Reese is such a cutie! And I adore the name.
Wow it sounds like you've got your hands full! I can't say much as I've got 5 dogs and 5 piggies.

07-06-10, 10:12 pm
Welcome! It sounds like Reese has found a wonderful new home. I hope you get as much from this website as I have.

07-06-10, 10:43 pm
Welcome! Cute piggie!!:heart: